Thursday, November 8, 2012

Meet "The Terminator Arm"

Like I said Wednesday morning on the air with Bob and Brian, I remain hopeful about America despite the election results of Tuesday for one big reason:

"Technology doesn't vote."

By that, it is not Democratic or Republican.

Technology just keeps advancing, and amazing.

Will it present some truly frightening moral dilemmas? Sure.

But it will also solve many, many, many problems, obliterating many of our most current pressing "problems."


  1. Awesome Post Czabe - Keep em comin'

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  3. Technology requires investment and costs money. When the economy collapses completely under the weight of 20 trillion dollars of debt, we will not be able to afford this type of thing. That is why people that live in collapsed civilizations generally are very poor. Technology and progress are not idealogically neutral.

  4. Would this be considered a "medical device?" If so, maybe the manufacturer will go the way of Welch Allyn, Stryker or Medtronic - medical device manufacturers that are laying off workers due to pending Obamacare taxes. Technology may not vote, but it gets voted on. And this week, technology received a big "no" vote.