Friday, November 30, 2012

While Rex Ryan Talks About "Running the Table..."

... no really He did.

"Butt-fumbles" be damned.... Rex and his lovable mouth tired act are going to see this debacle all the way through, it seems.

While Tim Tebow sits idle on the sidelines, unused and now injured. While "Fireman Ed" has resigned as un-official team mascot. While seats go for as little as $18 on StubHub.

Not since Iron Eyes Cody wept at the river of trash in those 1970's anti-littering commercials have things been so sullen in the Meadowlands.


  1. I am not a Ryan defender by any means, but in this case THEY ASKED HIM the question. He did not volunteer the comment about running the table. When they asked him if he would like to run the table, what was he supposed to say - "no" ???? Coaches say a lot of things that someone doesn't like because there seems to be a requirement that they appear before the press after every game. In the 70's, the reporters would simply wander into the locker room and interview whoever they could find. There was no official press conference in front of some corporate logo after every game. The overexposure is tedious and leads to people picking fights over stupid stuff like answers to obvious questions.

  2. To followup my previous comment, these corporate logo press conference now give us a choice between (1) someone like Belicheck who has never given an actual answer to any question ever or (2) other coaches who try to answer dumb questions and offend people who should be annoyed at the dumb question instead of the dumb answer.

    Ryan, in response to the "run the table" question, should have responded like Belicheck - "Uh . . . I don't know. You can't prove anything. I don't know what you're talking about. Not at this time. I don't recall . . . "

  3. So Steve,

    I know this is off topic, but:

    You said today that you give no credit to Mike Shanahan for drafting RG3, and that you said auto draft could have picked RG3, that it was a "no brainer."

    That's funny. Because at the time Shanahan made that trade, YOU called it "brainless" and "roster malpractice."

    That's a pretty big flip-flop. Either that, or you're the one who is brainless for criticizing a decision that was a no-brainer.