Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gone Golfin'....

The National GC, Talamore GC. Southern Pines, NC.

Here's a video re-cap of our 2010 event. Sadly, we had to "limp" to just 12 guys this year. I want it back at a full 24 next year.

So if this looks fun to you, hit me up early on in 2014. We could always use some new blood!


  1. "Hello Friends..."

    Malcolm took one for the team.

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    1. Wow. Spam ads on your blog, Czabe. A sure sign of digital notoriety. Umm.....congrats?

  4. Looks awesome Czabe! Adding it to my bucket list.

  5. Hey Czabe...I'm down with that. What time of year and what's the package cost (generally speaking).

  6. Czabe, maybe you should consider joining our 32 man event at the PGA quality resort* known as Coachman's Golf resort the Sunday/Monday before father's day. It's the best day of golf/drinking or drinking/golf you'll have all year. We're always looking for new 4-somes to join. We've been doing this every year for 10 years. It's more about getting together with the guys than it is about golf. It started as a 4 man day and has morphed into a 32 man outing over the years.

  7. oh and Coachman's is not PGA quality... it's a Nice Restaurant/Bar attached to a few Motels taht has about 75 rooms on a 27 hole very golfable course... charming, and inexpensive. $150 for two days of unlimited golf a meal and a drink... Gambling and beer is additional.