Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's Political Correctness vs. Sexism! Which Will Win?

Oh, how I love it when two nonsense forces collide in modern, hypersensitive society.

So in case you didn't know, a very hot little number named Susannah Collins slipped up (we think) and said "sex" instead of "success" while doing a story on the great run by the hometown Chicago Blackhawks.

On cable.

Oh.... my.

Well, she's been fired. 

But ONLY after they found .... dramatic pause... old videos of Ms. Collins on YouTube that were... uh... well... "offensive?" If so, I haven't found them. I did find things like this...

Oohh. Shocker. "Douchebags." Wow.

So on the one side you have uptight legacy owner Rocky Wirtz - son of longtime tight-ass-won't-show-home-games-on-tv father Bill Wirtz - who apparently called in the hit for Ms. Collins' immediate dismissal.

On the other hand, many feminists are reeling at the double standard displayed by the Blackhawks because of the fact they employ documented wife abuser Bobby Hull.
Hull, the longtime Blackhawks winger and Hockey Hall of Famer who is currently employed as an official ambassador for the team. Hull, who spent 15 years with the franchise from 1957-72, has reportedly had a history of domestic violence, starting with his ex-wife Joanne, who told ESPN in 2002 that she had “taken a real beating” during a trip to Hawaii. 
"[Bobby] just picked me up, threw me over his shoulder, threw me in the room, and just proceeded to knock the heck out of me," Joanne said. "He took my shoe -- with a steel heel -- and proceeded to hit me in the head. I was covered with blood. And I can remember him holding me over the balcony and I thought this is the end, I'm going."
Joanne also told ESPN of the time when Hull threatened her with a loaded shotgun, which ultimately led to the couple’s divorce. Bernstein also points out another accusation of Hull abusing his third wife, Deborah, in 1986, and his 1998 proclamation that “Hitler had some good ideas.”
So, let's just sit back and watch which side "wins."

Will the Blackhawks be forced to cave and bring back Ms. Collins? Or will the Blackhawks be compelled to end their cushy relationship with ol' Bobby the Wife Beater under pressure?

Oh, the delicious stupid fun. My take: don't fire this girl! She's good. And hot!

And for Bobby, he's overcome his past, so let him stay too.

Can't we all just grow the hell up, and STOP FIRING PEOPLE for things that get found "on the internet!?"

Such nonsense.....


  1. Can the Caps fire Laughlin for having the most annoying voice on TV and hire her to do games with Joe B?

  2. Their is a video you can click on once the one czabe posted is over with that is way worse than the one czabe posted.

    She does a spoofy sportscast where she makes sexual remarks to a guy and then ends up pulling out a fake gun on her friend. I by no means was offended by it, but it was uncomfortably unfunny.

    She and her friend are very cute though and they probly don't have trouble finding work is my guess.