Monday, May 20, 2013

Just Me and My Adult Idiot Golfing Buddies

In case you were curious how we do things, here's a re-cap of the weekend. No, I still can't believe I won, and can't believe that for once in my life I was, indisputably "clutch."

You put this victory next to my last (and only other) golf tournament win - the 1985 PG County Jr. Amatuer - and I'd say you have a pretty good career, no?


  1. Czabe,
    Been listening to you for years. Today on B&B you were honestly having FUN!

    Congrats on the win! Every squirrel finds a nut...eventually!


  2. He lives...

  3. Ha ha...nice collection of pot bellies and man boobs. Hey, I'm the same way, so no offense intended.

  4. White socks with black shoes??? Bad form good sir

  5. Their is no room for fashion correction on this website, bakes. You should stick to your homosexual websites. Not that their is anything wrong with that.

    This website here is for the man's man.

    If he won the tournament wearing those socks and shoes, I would say they might be lucky. He then should maybe wear them to every golf tournament.

    Congrats Czabe, I too hope to win something someday. Though I would settle for a good parking spot a little more frequently.

  6. Wait a minute. There are homosexual websites? On the internet? I don't think that was what algore has in mind when he invented it.

  7. This story brought tears to my eyes.... then I realized I had farted.

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