Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Punk Kid Superstar Drives His Ferrari Too Fast. Wow, Shocking.

Okay, The Beebs needs a beatin'. We can agree on that.

But before this whole Keyshawn-Bieber Fued gets out of hand, let's recall a truly horrific story of a neighborhood speed bump gone wrong in my neck of the woods a few years back.
Stephen Carr, 48, was tired of people speeding through his Fairfax County, Virginia neighborhood. But unlike the rest of us, he didn't just cuss and throw rocks at the offending drivers. He went through the arduous process of getting a speed bump installed... 
This pissed off no small number of drivers in the suburban D.C. community, where they take their commuting and road rage very seriously. People would often honk in anger as they hit the bump installed in front of Carr's home. 
But David A. Patton, 44, took it worse than most. In June, as Carr was pulling out of his driveway, Patton stopped to confront him. Patton banged on his windows and reached into the car to grab Carr's arm.
Next thing you know... Patton is getting hit with a misdemeanor assault charge. He's still pissed off about the speed bump. And he decides to do what Doug Llewelyn always warned us NOT to do: "take the law into your own hands."

Spoiler alert. The dude staged a home invasion, tied up the speed bump guy and his girlfriend. Then shot him to death.

Ta da!

So in others words, everybody chill, before this gets nutty.

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  1. "Bieber's team has denied that the singer was speeding through the neighborhood and was behind the wheel only as he backed the Ferrari into the garage, said a source familiar with the investigation."

    Right, because someone is going to call Beiber to come out and park the car they were driving, like he's some kind of frickin' valet.