Friday, May 10, 2013

Snicky du Jour: Jill Wagner

Every now and then, a network exec overthinks things. For example, smokeshow B-list actress Jill Wagner was perfect on "Wipeout!"

Then they tried to get somebody "better."

Yeah, sure. I've already forgotten her name.

Great move. Now Jill's back. The world is right again. Enjoy.


  1. Not in my wheelhouse of hotness but she was funny as hell on Wipeout. Glad she's back.

    Bonus points for the shotty and pistol pics.
    Double Bonus points cuz she obviously knows how to handle them correctly.

  2. For my money, hotter than the SI swimsuit model of the moment. These pictures don't do her justice.

  3. Fastball in the upper 90s. Bringing the heat!

  4. Sorry to be picky, but can you guys ease off the term "smokeshow".. always seem to think back to the days when I'd have to leave my clothes outside when coming home from a bar filled with smokers. ick.

  5. We apologizing for offending your feminine senses, Michelle. Perhaps removing the sand from your nether regions might help.

    1. So glad you spent the time to post here, Mac. Your positive contribution truly makes the Internet a better place.
      All of your Internet buddies are surely slapping thier knees while spewing Busch Light from their noses. In fact, let's all raise a frosty can to Mac, king of the Internet!

  6. Jill had me from the moment she burst onto the scene in Mercury commercials some 8-10 years ago. Great to see her getting more work, and here's to her getting more exposure as well!