Friday, May 3, 2013

Kentucky Derby History - In 3 1/2 Minutes

I only care about horsie racing a few times a year. But you gotta love any sporting event that has been around continuously for 130+ years! Even during wars!

Get that ridiculous hat ma'am, and order up some mint juleps (awful) and we'll see you at Churchill Downs late Saturday afternoon!


PS: Dick Jerardi who was our guest on Friday morning on The Steve Czaban Show on Yahoo! Sports Radio, promotes a totally LEGAL betting site for horse racing called

Go there and set up and account. I am. I figure I should start playin' the ponies just a bit. Why not? I need another hobby, right?

My pick: Malice Palice. 20-1. Giggity!


  1. Horse Racing used to be one of sports' "Big 3" with Baseball and Boxing.

    Times change, don't they?

  2., after hearing your show yesterday, I thought you might want to invest in these for betting on the ponies.