Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Poll: What's Wrong With NASCAR


  1. I read this last week and Bobby Unser seems to have the right idea.

    Indianapolis — Got five minutes?

    In that time, Uncle Bobby can almost give you the short course on what's wrong with the Indianapolis 500 and Indy-car racing, even if you didn't ask.

    "I'm not a Formula One supporter — so don't mistake that, compared to Indy cars — but in Formula One they've got a guy on the front straightaway that's in first and a guy on the back straightaway is second, not even close together, but the crowds are full," the opinionated and loquacious Bobby Unser was saying Thursday.

    "You don't have to run (former IndyCar chief steward) Brian Barnhart's concept they have to all touch each other. That isn't the way racing has to be. In Formula One, I'm not a salesman for Formula One — believe me, I could find a lot wrong with that outfit — but at least every car's not the same. A bunch of difference, sometimes even in their own team. That's what racing should be. I don't think a lot of their rules are worth a hoot, but their concept is really good."

  2. Czabe - I think there is one option missing from the survey: Boring tracks. Too many of the tracks are similar and there is no new blood to excite the masses. Also, NASCAR needs more short tracks, much like you would find on any Friday night around the south.

    The drivers are good, the cars are getting better, but the tracks suck

  3. Used to have a bunch of short tracks now you have Chicago, Kansas City, Nashville, etc, supplanting North Wilkesboro, Rockingham and the like. There's a reason the drivers and fans like RIR and it's not selling out. NASCAR is definitely on the decline.

  4. Another reason the fans are not showing up is the price to go to a race. When NASCAR was on the up, all the tracks raised the prices to cash in, but now no one can afford to go. I remember when I used to the to the Milwuakee Mile for the Nationwide and Truck races for $50. That was a pit pass for the whole weekend and pretty much could come and go when you pleased. The last year I went it was around $90 for the weekend and could only enter the pits are certain times of the day.

    Personally I think they need to redo the schedule to make some sense. Start the season out west and travel around the country similar to how NHRA does. Go to each track once, add more short tracks and a couple more road courses. Make the races shorter would help too. Also eliminate the Cup drivers running in Nationwide so new talent can be created.