Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We Are Doomed, Absolutely F'ing Doomed

Oh sure, these quadcopter drones are "cute" right now, playing "catch" with their little net and nerf ball.

But wait until they get smarter, faster, and are given artificial intelligence that allows them to "learn" and solve problems. They'll be crawling through our houses, peeling back our eyeballs, looking to give us a brain probe like in the movie "Minority Report."

Hell, these drones already have better hands than Terrell Owens did in his last 5 years in the NFL. And I am pretty sure they are currently smarter than Jerry Jones.

It's going to be a long awful future in this world.


  1. What Pong was to video gaming, drones are to football and basketball. To reduce injuries to zero, reduce human participation to zero.

  2. Playing catch with a ball and net is a neat trick. Most people can do that.

    Throwing and catching a pole by balancing it at its end? I don't think I know of two people capable of this: