Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Snicky du Jour: Nicole Curtis

So I'm watching HGTV or DIY or one of those idiotic "home improvement" channels, and I come across this gal. Okay, kinda snicky. But wait, whoa. She can actually swing a hammer! Re-wire electrical. Lay down some hardwood floors.

She actually seems to WORK HER ASS OFF re-habbing homes. Respect.

Granted, she would probably have no time to deal with your dumb ass - nor cook dinnner for you - after a long day stripping down lead paint on a 1920's Victorian.

But, she could certainly replace her own lightbulbs. And then some. I think she's kinda hot, in a handygirl kinda way.


  1. LOVE her Czabe....she can handle my tool any time!

  2. Well done Czabe! You've redeemed yourself following the Miley Cyrus debacle.

  3. You hit the nail non the head with this one. I watch this show and find her to be......smokin' hot.

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