Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Abe Pollin: 1923-2009

As a lifelong Washington D.C. area sports fan, I can only say "thank you". And may you rest in peace.

Your impact on this market will last forever.

You purchased the Baltimore Bullets from your partners in 1964 for a then-record $1.1 million. You moved them here, because you wanted to win a championship.

You built a then-state-of-the-art stadium with mostly your own money in Landover, Maryland. The "Cap Centre" was the fond site of so many great sports memories in my youth and my teens.

You delivered an NBA Championship in 1978. You went to another NBA Finals the following year.

You took on an NHL franchise in 1974 with the expansion Capitals. They are now the most exciting, best team in town. They almost left after two years. You helped save them.

You pushed to build the MCI Center downtown. Now the Verizon Center, it is the crown jewel of a totally revitalized quadrant of the city.

You had your own skin the game, on countless occasions. And while you were sometimes ripped for being cheap, or hopelessly old school, you ponied up for players like Gilbert Arenas and Antawn Jamison when letting them go would have been arguably justified.

You were too loyal to those around you for too many years. That's maybe the worst thing you can say about Abe. Too loyal. Wouldn't we all want that to be our biggest knock in life.

We made playful fun of you for photo ops like the infamous "Where's the cake" press conference. I have played the soundbite into the ground. We made the comparisons to you and Monty Burns.

I never felt these were mean spirited. You were ours. This is what friends do. Break balls every now and then.

You leave the basketball team to the best owner in town now, Ted Leonsis. This will be your last and perhaps best legacy.

Thanks Abe. Rest in peace.


Matthew Stafford is a "mah-uhn!" God bless YouTube!


The Redskins were "#1 in passing defense" going into the game against Dallas last week. I am sure you heard this a few times if you listened to Troy Aikman on Fox.

What Troy didn't tell you, that such a stat means jack squat.

For starters, when you rarely hold a second half lead, teams don't pass very much on you. Also, consider this.

Even though they were #1 in yards allowed.....

The Skins rushing defense ranked #24.
The Skins ranked tied for last in INTs.
The Skins defense has yet to score a TD this year.
The Skins pass defense has given up big plays all year.

And the opposing QB's have been dreadful. Only 2 of the 10 have been ranked in the Top 10 in passer rating.

L Eli Manning - 11th ranked QB
W Mark Bulger - 26th ranked QB
L Matt Stafford - 28th ranked QB
W Josh Johnson – (not ranked) QB rating of 50, would rank #32 with enough ATTs.
L Jake Delhomme - 29th ranked QB
L Matt Cassell - 22nd ranked QB
L Donovan McNabb - 8th ranked QB
L Matt Ryan - 20th ranked QB
W Orton/Simms – 14th ranked QB (Simms totally dysfunctional)
L Tony Romo – 12th ranked QB (Hurt in 1st quarter)

Look, there are "green shoots" with this defense. They are finally sacking the quarterback. Haynesworth, while absurdly expensive (and fat), makes them formidable up front. Fletcher continues to tackle with a vengeance. Orakpo is a certified beast.

But all in all, take that "#1 pass D" stat and shove it. If they hold Drew Brees and the Saints under 30 at home in two weeks, then I'll be impressed.


  1. Sorry to hear about Abe. Although his teams typically stunk, it wasn't entirely his fault. The Bullets\Wiz never caught a break in the draft. He was a class act.

    Let's hope the Leonsis transition goes through. I would hate to think what other local sports owner would be next in line otherwise.

  2. Matthew Stafford shitz on Brady Quinn and Jamarcus Russell but he plays for the pathetic Lions