Monday, November 16, 2009

Adventure, Excellent

Had a sensational trip to Wisconsin this weekend. I might even add, I brought some great karma! Brandon Jennings for 55 on Saturday night. Then Packers (virtually) shut out the hated 'Pokes on Sunday.

All that, plus I got to meet a lot of seriously obsessive former Boy Scouts at Milwaukee Harley and their 1st annual "Adult Pinewood Derby." (Photos/Czabecast coming on that front).

Thank you to my man Jim Reichart at Midwest Airlines, for getting me safely and efficiently from Washington to town. Thanks to Bob Madden and his lovely wife Deb for letting me crash at the bungalow. Thanks to the Lynch Boys (all three!) for letting me come on the party-RV up to Lambeau. Thanks to Greg "The Grinder" from Palermo's Pizza for the awesome courtside seats at the Bradley Center.

And thanks to everyone who came up and said hello along the way, making me feel like an adopted son of Milwaukee.

Now... on to the photos.

As you can see with the above picture, I proudly displayed the ONE sign of support for Ted Thompson in the entire state on Sunday. My boy Eric Gitter (head pro at Currie Park, please play a round, and tip him generously... ding ding!) is standing next to me. The guy who looks back must think I'm nuts!

I also held the sign aloft on the steps of Lambeau, a veritable sacriledge. Sorry. Luckily I was not stoned and pelted with rocks and garbage.

The day was not without its horrors, however. Here, a woman spilled a full beer. She was given a fresh one. Outrage. I took a moment to grieve.

Here, I take a moment to tell a nice Cowboy fan from Iowa, that he sucks. And Romo's a homo. Have a nice game.

Me and the great one, Vincent Thomas Lombardi.

Finally, me rubbing it in to Bob and Brian, those hand-wringing nellies on Monday morning at 102.9 The Hog.


  1. It was great hearing about your trip on the Bob and Brian show this morning.

    Also, Bob's face looks like a raisin in that last picture.

  2. I am saddened that my favorite sports radio host is a Packer fan!! Czabe I would bet there are more Viking fans who support you and the show simply because we can get up in the morning instead of being in a drunken haze like Packer fans!

  3. Czabe, I know you ruled out the Packers for some silly reasons, but if you ever get around to jumping ship from the Skins, we'd really love to have you along as a fan.

  4. LOL!!! Bob looks like a raisin! I never put that together but he really kinda does!

  5. You will always have Packer ties. ie; Vincent