Friday, November 6, 2009

Greg Blache Will Whip Your Ass!

For those that don't know, the pieces of the Redskins keep flying apart like Skylab coming back to earth. The latest is Hall of Famer John Riggins calling Snyder a fundamentally "bad guy" and someone with a "dark heart."

Riggo, for all his rugged charm, may be right. I don't know Snyder. Yet I think "dark heart" is a bit much.

Riggo himself admits he has an axe to grind. He was formerly the most overpaid radio host in the DC market. "Stolen" away from us at Sportstalk 980 by the upstart Snyder Radio Regime, I had heard Riggo was making nearly $1 million a year.

He was given his own afternoon radio show, opposite me and Andy on The Sports Reporters.

In a word, fail.

Riggo was engaging and nutty when he was with Andy and I for 2 hours a week, back in the day. Riggo bloviating and rambling on his own was death by a thousand radio cuts.

When Sportstalk 980 was purchased by Snyder's Red Zebra in July of 2008, they had to make a choice: us or Riggo. It wasn't a hard one.

So Riggo got paid for the last 6 months of his contract to just go away, while we went on about our business on The Reporters. I don't have any hard feelings toward Riggo - no axe to grind, like he admits - but he's more than just a little delusional about his own radio talent.

He is also no doubt frustrated by now being mostly shut-out of relevant commentary on all things Redskins. Brian Mitchell has a prominent perch on Comcast's post-game show. Doc Walker still does mid-days on ESPN980 here, Joe Theismann is doing more with the station and elsewhere, and Sonny still rules gameday on the radio broadcast.

So what's Riggo to do?

Film al-Qaeda like videos from the woods near his home, lobbing one more incendiary diatribe after another.

Sad, really.

It did get him enough traction, however, along with his HOF status, to appear on Inside the NFL.

So that gets you up to speed on Riggo. He's a guy desperate to revive a failing football media career, and admittedly bitter about the way he was bum rushed out of here. Okay, fine.

As for Blache, I only thought one thing when he spoke up in defense of Prince Dan: "Dude, you're still here?"

This is the guy who decided a single, simple media session once a week to discuss defensive football matters on this team was too much. So he passed the buck to Jerry Gray.

Oh, NOW he's talking? That is rich!

Well, turns out, that was hardly the most scintillating piece of Greg Blache "news" to come across my desk this week.

TO: Czabe
FROM: Name Withheld
RE: Skins D-Coordinator, Greg Blache

I know that you probably receive e-mails similar to this one, all of the time, but I can assure you that this happened. One of the guys that I work with lives in River Creek (nice golf course!). He has a circle of friends that he plays golf with there. He received the following e-mail from one of these friends last night. I kept their names off to protect their privacy.

"Dudes? Does Greg Blache live in River Creek? If so, I think I ran into him literally today, I think, this am, while walking my dog, He was power walking with 25 # dumbbells in his hands, and he literally bumped me off the sidewalk, I turned around and said ‘what was that’? He then told me to fuck off, to which I replied ‘you fuck off’. He then told me to go lose the dog, and he would ,and I quote, “fuck me up”, I was literally shocked. I then said I will lose the dog, but he had to lose the weights. He then threw them on the ground and said ‘lets go’ and threw some other threats at me.

I ,being prudent, told him he was a fucking psycho with anger management issues, but that I would go drop off the dog. Now the dog had yet to drop his load, so I had to get that out of the way first. When I got back to the house, I looked out the window, and that psycho was still standing at the stop sign on Olympic waiting for me to come back and duel.

First, I am generally not one to run from a fight, but he is a big mf, clearly with a bad temper. He runs a good 240+. The stress of losing must be eating him alive. I may have to engage counsel and call the police. This guy is seriously whacked. I will now hate the redskins forever!

PS: I googled him. That grumpy psychotic MF does live in River Creek". I guess the Redskins' problems go deeper than we all think..


Jimmy Masterlock Week 9

Dallas +3 at Philly
Miami +10.5 at New England
Cincinnati +3 vs. Baltimore
BARKING DOG: Houston +9 at Indianapolis


  1. Riggo went a little overboard, but I think he was probably not too far off the mark.

  2. In Synderland formally known as Redskins country no one is relevant except King Dan. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence will bail on Dannyboy now as heads are going to roll soon. Who can blame Riggo? I would have added that Dan a cannot possibly know a thing about football because I don't believe midgets can play football. Unless there is a midget football league I have overlooked

  3. Hey Czabe. The Bears are a lot worse than the Redskins. I so hope you guys hire Bill Cohwer

  4. If Blache is truly psycho, he'll be at that stop sign tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that...