Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Lawn Ornament Fight, Lost"

This might qualify as story of the year....

A love-struck buck ran out of luck a week ago. The seven-point buck was killed when it rammed a 640-pound concrete statue of an elk in the backyard of Mark and Carol Brye's home in rural Viroqua.

Bucks often fight during the breeding season, commonly called the rut. Dominant bucks defend breeding territories and female deer by sparring with subordinate bucks. Antler battles sometimes result in the death of one or both deer, but usually end with the biggest buck winning and the smaller buck high-tailing it out to another area....



And here's your depressing Redskin photo of the week!

Oh wait, one more.

I have total confidence in this administration. I really do!

(**throws up in mouth**)


The NFL season embarks on the "official" second half (even though two teams, Texans and Giants, have played 9 games already) and there are several records in the crosshairs.

Peyton Manning is on pace to clip Dan Marino's single season yard mark by 6 yards (5,090). Last year, Brees had multiple shots at this mark, but a few drops late, and a series where they ran the ball, prevented it.

Dallas Clark (not coincidentally) is on pace to shatter Kellen Winslow Sr's TE yardage mark of 1,290 (pace = 1,406). A mark that has lasted 29 years.

Darren Sharper has 7 INTs for New Orleans and 3 pick-sixes. He could break Night Train Lane's record of 14 INTs in 12 games in 1952 (where it was legal to leg whip, clothesline, AND shove receivers right up until the instant the ball arrived) as well as the record for DFT's (3 players have 4 on the season).

And Eric Mangini has a chance to break the record for most blatant lies in a season by a head coach, the most recent one being that he had no idea Brady Quinn has a massive bonus clause in his deal for next season based on 70% of snaps played. Uhhh huh.


Okay, I post these only because people keep asking. And lest I be accused of shilling for a product that I do not actually use, or does not work, let this set the record straight.

Here are my 60 day progress pics for the P90x exercise routine. Personally, I still think I'm fat and weak, so this is nothing. I plan to have much more impressive pics on Day 120, when I cycle through the program a second time.


Jimmy Masterlock Week 10

Last Week: 4-0! BITCHES!

Denver -3.5 at Washington
New England +2.5 at Indy
Cincinnati +7.5 at Pittsburgh
BARKING DOG: Seattle +8 at Arizona


  1. Good Read Czabe. I started P90X 8 Days ago and I enjoy it a lot. Have a good time in GB and dont forget to do the "Heels to the Heavens" while drinking some Sunset Wheat.

  2. Cruise is what 5'4" yet he towers over the Belt Buckle Kid. High-larious.

  3. Great job on the P90X. I plan to get it. You have inspired me.

  4. Mefeing of the midgets. I bet that I could run circles around them intellectually and physically and I am a 40 something female. I feel sorry for all Redsknins fans having to put up with such an prick as an owner.

  5. Looking good Czabe, I'm gonna call you Buff Daddy now.

  6. Keep it up Czabe. I did P90X with a group when I was deployed to Iraq and it did wonders. I still do Yoga and Plyometrics (most challenging cardio I've ever done!).