Monday, November 30, 2009

Stay Medium

This, is "Zornface."

The utterly fake, just here taking a paycheck, hmm-that-seems-interesting-but-I-don't-really-care, expression.

Jim's got it nailed.

One texter to my Fox Sports Radio show said simply: "Czabe, I did what you told me, and watched Zorn on the sidelines. My god. Walking around aimlessly, nothing to do, jotting down random notes. Like a dad at his son's game, looking for garbage to pick up."

Do I blame him? Nah. Go for it, Jimmy. You got the job by accident, there's no reason to drop the lottery ticket now. Make Vinny and Danny cash you out in full.

In the meantime, let's not get nuts and win too many more games, okay? There's currently 4 teams with 2 wins or less, and the Raiders and Chiefs are tied with us for 3 wins.

Winning just 4 games and yet still picking 7th would really suck. Just sayin.

As for the game on Sunday, well, what can you really take from it? Another road loss, now 9 in a row, tied for a franchise record. They have still yet to score 30 points in a game under Zorn. More injuries. More confusion about who really calls the plays.

Oh, the fun.

As I have said to other football friends: "If your football season is a train to nowhere, at least you want to be on the express."


Announcer Notes

I don't write this to take a shot at anybody, but I cannot let it pass without comment. In general, the tandem of Kenny Albert and Moose Johnston (with Tony Siragusa holding up the goalpoasts chipping in...) is well regarded by many critics.

From my couch, eh. You can have 'em. Part of the problem, is that I actually LISTEN to what they say, and wonder: "Are they talking about the same team, I am watching?"

For example, at one point, Johnston points out that the Redskins have rolled out 6 different line combinations this year. True. Good stat. Shows the injury turmoil that has crippled this team.

But then, Moose unloads this whopper: He opines that maybe NOW, they have found the continuity they need up front, and that they were playing "well" so far in the game!

Are you kidding?

The o-line the Redskins rolled out there was nothing short of a nightmare. At one point it was....

LT - Levi Jones (cut by the Bengals last season)
LG - Derrick Dockery (overpaid, and cut last season from Buffalo)
C - Casey Rabach (declining free agent, prone to holding now)
RG - Edwin Williams (undrafted free agent C playing out of position)
RT - Stephen Heyer (undrafted free agent who is a finesse player)

No, noooooo! There is no "continuity" here. It's a disaster. And how can you say they are playing "well" when the line had committed FOUR false starts in the game to that point.

These are the kind of professional "observations" that make many fans crazy. I know that Moose Johnston doesn't live here in DC and he doesn't live in Philly. And as such, he can't be quite as tuned in to each team, every week, as perhaps us locals are.

However, given that its his only job to be prepared, and he has a full week to do, and he can read tons of stuff on-line, and he can call people "in the league" to find out more, then this stuff is simply inexcusable.

Plus, how can any reasoned analysis of a game where an o-line jumps 4 times, and nearly gets the QB killed, include a "good" assessment from professional "analysts."


  1. Czabe, I'm a Cowboy fan, so I'm partial to Da Moose. But even I can admit at times he says really stupid things. I love how they try to guess a play or say there's no way a team can do so-and-so, and the team proceeds to do just that. That happens all the time to him. And Siragusa contributes absolutely nothing to the broadcast. I don't know if there's another job where people can make so much doing so little. I don't need you to tell me how loud the crowd is, I can tell for myself, thanks.

  2. >I don't know if there's another job where people can make so much doing so little.<

    Weatherman comes to mind...

  3. Fuck Jim Zorm and his puzzy face. He's an idiot. An imbecile to the highest power. He makes Allen Iverson look like a genius. Dan Snyder sux for giving him this great job. We talking about Joe Gibbs, Redskins is American history. Not the Lions or Seahawks.

  4. Imagine what Madden would have said

  5. Come on Czabe, the Skins are playing better and a big reason is the O line hasn't been horrible. They took Dallas and Philly to the wire. A month ago, these games were looking like blowouts.

    Injuries are the best thing to happen to this team. The incumbents were getting too comfy getting paid a ton of $$$ regardless of how they performed. Now we have young, eager players. Maybe they aren't as naturally talented, but at least they're trying.

    Jason Campbell is playing better too. I think a big reason is he's getting rid of the ball a lot quicker. He has a lot to gain by playing well. If he continues to play the rest of the year the same way he's played the last few weeks, he'll be the number one free agent QB.

    The Skins need to stop giving big long term contracts. Unless you have players like Peyton Manning, you need to make sure your players are hungry.

  6. selke99 - "I don't need you to tell me how loud the crowd is, I can tell for myself, thanks."

    LOL - it's kind of like the reporters that stand outside in a hurricane to tell you it's raining and how windy it is.