Friday, November 20, 2009

Freak Show

If you haven't seen fast rising Heisman hopeful Toby Gerhart, you should take a moment to savor his act.

The dude IS John Riggins, 2.0.

At 6-1, 235, he's a true old-school throwback when it comes to big time D1 tailbacks. You rarely see guys that tall, and that big, running for so many yards.

And he's white!

It is certainly politically incorrect to bring this up, but you would be insane to ignore it. There hasn't been a white tailback of significance like this, since Craig James of and the Pony Express.

Not that it matters, but it is notable. After all, white players are able to play athletic skill positions like wide receiver all day.

Tailback and cornerback? Not so much.

This has always confounded me. Why can white wideouts have sufficient explosion and speed to play that position, but not enough to play tailback?

Are they discouraged from playing the position early on in the youth-prep-college progression? Or is there something missing? I really don't know.

I do know this: Gerhart is the real deal. He once set the CALIFORNIA prep record for rushing yards in a career with nearly 10,000!

So relish the freak, while you can, and let's just see if he can become Riggins 2.0 in the pros.


Jimmy Masterlock Week 11


Jacksonville -8.5 vs. Buffalo
New England -10 vs. NY Jets
Baltimore -1 vs. Indianapolis

BARKING DOG: Oakland +9.5 vs. Cincinnati

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  1. Michael Joseph Alstott a.k.a "A-Train". He's a great white tailback.