Monday, November 2, 2009

Penalties? Pfffffttttt... Big Deal, Sez Cupcake Wade

Cowboy correspondent Mike McGowan sends this angry dispatch via email this week...

This is my coach. Cowboy fans are in good hands with him at the helm. Godspeed, Wade Phillips, Godspeed.

From Cowboys website:

People always want to blame Wade Phillips for not being a taskmaster as relates to team discipline, particularly with penalties. Well, the reality is Phillips isn't completely sure penalties are the deciding factor between good teams and bad teams.

"To me, I've never seen one," Phillips said. "There's no direct correlation between the teams that are penalized and the teams that win and lose. There's no direct correlation there. The more mistakes you make I think it hurts you, certainly. The pre-snap penalties are the ones that bother me. We work at the other ones, obviously, not holding, doing all those things. But pre-snap you can do a lot about, I believe. And we haven't done enough on those, so we're going to keep working on those."

Denver game. Romo makes key pass for a first down at mid-field. Penalty takes it off the board and puts them at third and twelve from their own 20 (or so). Next play, Romo sacked, fumble, recovered by Broncos. Next play, Broncos score TD. Broncos go on to win by seven.

But Cupcake says penalties don't impact games.

I think I told both of you this, but if not: I was ranting to my girl Janice about what a buffoon Philips is (I'm sure that was a pleasurable conversation for Janice), and she asks me, "Is Philips the worst coach in the entire NFL?" I started to respond with an emphatic "yes," ready to pile on with more bashing, but I stopped myself. I replied, "No, he's the second worst coach in the NFL."

I'll let you two draw your conclusions from there.

MY TWO CENTS: You are correct, Mike. Zorn WAS the worst coach in the league, but now that he's only "fake coaching" with a plastic steering wheel next to Sherm Lewis, I would say Eric Mangini has surpassed him.


Let it be known: if you try out for America's Got Talent, then David Hassellhoff and his lawyers HAVE YOU BY THE BALLS!

Decked out in sequined black and gold dresses, Anne Harrison and the other women in her Bulgarian folk-singing group were lined up to try out for NBC's "America's Got Talent" TV show when they noticed peculiar wording in the release papers they were asked to sign.

Any of their actions that day last February, the contract said, could be "edited, in all media, throughout the universe, in perpetuity."

Lawyers for years have added language to some contracts that stretches beyond the Earth's atmosphere. But more and more people are encountering such everywhere-and-forever language as entertainment companies tap into amateur talent and try to anticipate every possible future stream of revenue

But if you think that's bad, then how about this gem, forwarded to me by emailer John Dreiser.

Call that... an "Apocalypse Clause".


For those who missed it, I spoke last Friday about how overboard the NFL's “Breast Cancer” sponsorship has gone. One week? Fine. No problems. A month? Get outta here. This stance, of course, was unpopular with some, because of course, I am actually PRO breast cancer. Right.

FROM: Jonathan French
RE: Breast Cancer "Awareness"

No doubt, Czabe is being hammered by emailers and callers for the breast cancer comments yesterday. Well, he was absolutely right! Tons of charitable resources are wasted on the expenses associated with putting on events like Race for the Cure. For every dollar donated, I would imagine that very little actually goes to research or helping those with breast cancer. On top of that, breast cancer, while horrible, has a very high survival rate, and almost always impacts adults who are at least capable of attempting to acquire and understand their treatment options. I wish professional sports and the public in general spent as much time raising funds for research into cures for terminal illnesses for kids, like childhood lymphoma. Facilities that provide treatment for children with potentially terminal illnesses pro bono are much more worthy causes. Forget the ta-ta's, save the kids!

REACT: While I don't know the actual dollar return rate on events like Race For the Cure, I concur with the rest of his points. Skin cancer has a similarly high survival rate. But how many special months do we have for that?

Furthermore, I have a hard time thinking that cancer research (of all stripes) is under-funded. I gotta believe major foundations, universities, government programs and such, all support “research” in spades.

Awareness is a different story. I would respect the NFL a lot more, if once a year, they made us all “aware” of a public health issue that maybe – wait for it.... - we are ACTUALLY NOT VERY AWARE OF!

Rotate this “horrible-thing-you-don't-know-about” on a yearly basis. At this point, I am afraid some men think that breast cancer is the ONLY kind of cancer women ever get.


On the political front, I don't understand the thinking of anybody who looks at a 1,990 page deathtrap of government health care regulation and says: “You know, THAT is going to make my life, better.”

But, sadly, some do.

I had the following (paraphrased) conversation with an earnest suburban Maryland liberal housemommy. When I asked her if she REALLY thought Obama's health care reform was a good idea that would actually work, she said: “It may not be perfect, but if it helps some people get insurance they can't afford, then I'm all in favor of it.”

My follow up efforts asking her about unforeseen complications, failed assumptions, runaway costs, end runs on the new system, fraud, and all the other inevitable horrors of this statist manifesto... well, they fell on deaf ears.

She was stuck. Stuck on the glow of a warm, fuzzy, good intention.

Facts, logic, or past history of such attempts were simply no match.

These things can lead freedom loving, rational people to despair. If you have no chance to sway folks of this mindset, then what will prevent them from blissfully voting away our freedoms one-by-one, with each new warm and fuzzy idea that comes along?

The unemployment rate shows no signs of abating, despite the genius idea of just printing ourselves some money for new “jobs” back in February. I squealed like a stuck pig in this (mostly sports) blog back then, for no other reason that I felt I just had to speak out.

Holy shit, what a waste of money!

Some of you, said I was wrong. Well....

The numbers are coming in, and they ain't pretty.

Chip Reid of CBS News took the O-ministration to the woodshed over the stimulus and its so-called “saved” jobs count.

At a small college in Georgia, $100,000 in stimulus funds paid for trucks for students to practice for commercial driver`s licenses. Another $100,000 went for a modular classroom. The school reported to the government that 280 jobs were created. In reality, not even close. That’s the number of students who benefited. It has nothing to do with jobs. In Cocoa, Florida, a childcare center reported 129 jobs created by a stimulus grant. In fact, no jobs were created. The money was really used to increase the compensation and benefits of 129 existing employees.

And on, and on, and on.....

If the stimulus was a good idea, then another one – even bigger – would be an even BETTER idea. Right? Well, I guess even that's too hard a sell for Democrats at this point.

Yet if I asked my suburban liberal democrat housemommy she might totally agree! Yes, let's keep trying HARDER to vote ourselves rich, and spend our way out of a recession!

The only way any of this gets turned around, is if small business starts feeling good about the political tides shifting enough to thwart Obama's socialist agenda. Right now, that sector is hunkered down in survival mode.

Hiring? Ha! If they hire somebody now, who knows if Obama will pass a law forbidding companies to fire anybody, for any reason in the near future.

I know several doctors who own their practice (small business) and several other entrepreneurs with a business and they could tell you exactly how worried they are that Obama's agenda on a variety of fronts will simply wipe them out.

They have told me.

But hey, don't believe me. Believe somebody else. Caroline Baum of paints a full picture of this liberal fantasy.

Actual hiring seems to be lagging behind the model’s land of make-believe. For small businesses, which are the source of most job creation in the U.S., the government’s increased and changing role in the economy isn’t a confidence builder. Businessmen have no idea what health-care reform will mean for their cost structure or what whimsical tax policies the government might impose when it realizes those short-term deficits are running into long-term unfunded liabilities. No wonder capital spending plans were at an all-time low in the third quarter, according to the NFIB monthly survey.

And so it goes. You don't come here to read about politics. I know that. I won't be changing any minds. I know that.

But I feel like I must at least get my voice on record. Its crap. Its depressing. I pray it all gets stopped. And just because I'm a “sports guy” doesn't mean I can't have an opinion on politics or business. Just like you, in whatever field you make a living in, are certainly entitled to speak up wherever and whenever you can.

I am just one voice. But perhaps it'll make you feel better to know that I feel the same was as you. There are many more voices like us out there, you just sometimes don't know it.

Now, back to sports and other stuff ....


I have been skeptical of fan "boycotts" and or "walkouts" to protest the Snyder Regime with the Redskins. Most of these things fail, miserably. But this idea.... well... it might just be crazy enough to work.


  1. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions!

  2. Czabe,
    Haven't you figured out that there's no real difference between pubs and dems. The pubs waste money under the guise of freedom or rightousness, the dems waste it under the guise of helping the needy. The bottom line is the way things work is money is spent on something, in return, some of the money is funneled back via campaign contributions. If the funding stops, the contributions stop. If the contributions stops, then the reelection campaign is hurt. Our political system is basically based on bribes. Probably not much different than any place else. The difference is we pretend to have a democracy where everyone has equal say.

    Ultimately both sides end up taking from the responsible and honest and giving to the shysters.

    Obama inherited a financial disaster that at it's root had an imbecilic president Bush. Obama's biggest fault is his not being much different than Bush.

    For every snipe you have against the dems, I can come up with something just as bad that the pubs have pushed through. I'm not really defending the dems, it's just that anyone who thinks one party is superior to the other is totally ignorant. I think Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are complete imbeciles who have no clue how to fix our financial situation and our country would be better off if they did nothing and let the market solve it's own problems rather than their idiotic solutions.

  3. I agree with everythinj you have said. KidHorn is right too. They are all idiots.

  4. As a small business owner (soon to be former) I can concur with what you say Czabe. And while I, like most small business owners, am a libertarian and agree with Kidhorn in a general sense, it's the Obama admins policies that are speeding up the closing my doors and firing my employees.
    The feds are proposing mandatory healthcare PROVIDED by employers, or a hefty yearly tax per employee. This is fine for large outfits (like Wal-Mart - the supposed enemy of the Left) who mostly already have the extra $$ and bargaining power to provide healthcare. For those of us with only one location and 5 employees, who are barely bringing enough home to pay the mortgage payments and buy food (after coupons), more taxes in the form of healthcare (on top of increased unemployment and FICA taxes this year) will bankrupt us.
    That's why I've already taken a 2nd job moonlighting (I work 75+ hours a week, 30 days/month) and am in negotiations with a lawyer to go Chap 7.
    Good luck finding a small business that supports our "learning on the job" president. Hope and change my ass.

  5. P.S. not to get too sappy here Czabe, but even with all the shit going on in my life right now (bankruptcy, new kid, hellish work schedule, balding dome) I record your show online and listen to it on a daily basis, and it numbs my brain enough to keep me from turning to liquor and whores to chase my cares away. That, and the fact that Scotty "friended" me on Facebook.

  6. Rick,

    Sorry to hear about your sad tale. Reminds me of what I've read from Charles Hugh Smith about similar stories about how the US will never have an economic recovery because the government will bankrupt all the small businesses. No one will start a business because it's too much of a hassle.