Monday, July 12, 2010

The Dad Life

Much of what resides on YouTube is absolute crap. Poorly shot footage on a cheap camcorder, of somebody getting hit in the nuts with a foul ball from a kid in the backyard.

Then, there is this.

Maybe the greatest parody song of our generation.

And by "our" generation, I mean us 30-40-something suburban fathers, just "livin' the life!"

This video is perfect in nearly every way. It's not too long. The song is catchy and well written. The audio is clean. The HD aspect ratio, with a wonderful guazy film "look" is Hollywood caliber.

The casting is so spot on, it is frightening.

If you are a dad my age, you know these guys. You are these guys. Fatherhood today, is not like that of say, your father. Or especially your father's, father.

Hanging out in gin clubs, playing poker, working at the factory from 6a-10p just isn't happening.

The modern dad, is indeed a rather emasculating endeavor. If you feel self conscious about driving mini-vans, watching Disney movies, or fussing over garden plants, then maybe you should just stay single.


  1. that would be my husband. I dont know if I should laugh or cry!

  2. For full dramatic effect, read the following with the sweet tone of Czabe's radio voice in mind:


    Damn, I miss hearing you, Czabe!!

  3. This one too:

  4. My wife always, ALWAYS reminds me "That's why boys need not apply!"

  5. czabe thank you for posting this...i've been laughing all day!

  6. The things we do for our kids. I had to give up my "man cave" because I made ANOTHER girl. If I had had a son, it would have been perfect. I could've kept my helmets and autographs up for him. But instead they all came down, and up came the pink and pastels.

    Apparently it's my own fault that we have two daughters.

    My "boys" let me down. ***sigh*** My "boys" let me down.