Monday, July 19, 2010

The Greatest Golf Montage - Evah!

If this gem from ESPN's weekend coverage of The British Open doesn't stiffen the wood in your persimmon, then nothing will. The great Ian McShane of Deadwood fame narrates and the visual imagery is beyond compare.


  1. Unless I'm wrong, and I think I watched that gap-toothed grin enough over the four day Ass-kicking he inflicted on the "Old Course," Louis the king is shown in that clip(1:44). Wasn't this a promotional video completed well before the Open Championship was contested. Or did someone insert that image after the fact? If this is on the level, then someone had a premonition that this journeyman, among all the also-rans in the field, would somehow make this happen. Wow.

  2. In a world where everything is "awesome," the British Open truly is awesome.
    How wonderful it was to hear one or two morons at each tee box yell, "get in the hole!" whether it was a par 3, 4, or 5.
    Can't get enough of that phrase.

  3. Czabe, I see your montage and raise you this!

    Ryder Cup 99 highlights from NBC. Glorious! A thin Phil, an enjoyable Tiger.