Sunday, July 11, 2010

That's My Girl!

America's Golfing Sweetheart is a flat out strawberry studmuffin.

On the most sadistic US Open venue, with greens that breathe fire into every 4-footer, the LPGA's most photo-genic player demonstrated how to execute a hammer-close while wearing pink ribbons.

Paula Creamer is awesome.

I'd say it's too bad she doesn't get the hype of lil'-miss-pouty-lips (82-76-trunkslam), but then again, I like it that Paula belongs to us golf nerds who appreciate the package.

Smile. Game. Killer instinct. Pink on pink. She's got the girlie-girl look, but she still puts the emphasis on ggggrrrrrr!

An ass kicking, name taking, no excuse-making gal you can really root for.

Any tart with a 2-handicap can knock it around on the LPGA, shoot 74, and make $68,500 a year. Then dress up all sexy-like, do some photo shoots, and parlay that gig into another $1M a year off-the bentgrass.

Sorry to knock the likes of Natalie Gulbis, Anna Rawson, or say Sandra Gal. (Rawson and Gal below, you've already downloaded enough Gulbis. Pervs.)

But Creamer excites many of us men not just for her 300-yard-bomb of a smile, but her golfing toughness.

I remember when she won as an 18 year old. I remember when she made the Solheim Cup team as a rookie, and then bragged at the presser about how they were going to whup the Euros. I remember how she wanted Laura Davies in singles, and then gutted her like a big fish in dramatic fashion.

Now, look at how she's shook off the US Open disappointments of the last two years in which she faded badly on Sunday.

She played this week fresh off a four month recovery from thumb surgery. Her bandaged digit was still so sore, she could only hit 40 warm up shots before each round to lessen the wear, tear, and pain.


Scorecard match this toughness with the Punahou High Flash.

Michelle Wie had a wrist injury that occurred when - her story, not mine - she was jogging backward and fell!

Even though that wrist never got cut on by a doctor, it was milked for almost 2 and a half years of excuses, withdrawals, and general angst anytime she played like crap.


(Can you please read that as slowly as you can, so it can come across the way I intend it. There you go! Thank you.)

Creamer has a 4 month, in-season layoff, and then wins the Open with a duct-taped hand.

Wie uses a mysterious wrist-ouchie to walk off multiple courses, including, the inexcuseable-to-this-day "Rule of 88" abomination in Florida.

Is there any wonder why I root for The Stanford Millionaire to shoot a BILLION every time she puts it in the ground?

Way to go Paula! Your photo is going up on the bedroom door of both of my daughters. I'm sure your pops and family, is mighty proud too. Get your thumb right, and keep kicking ass.

There might be hope for the LPGA Tour after all!


Here's a nice little sampler platter of Paula from Sunday at Oakmont.


  1. Czabe, you are spot on. This girl is everything we want our athletes to be and so much more. I have rooted for he since the first time I saw her as a pro. It's too bad that CBS wasn't broadcasting this, however, as NBC just dropped the ball in so many places, except maybe Gary Koch, who inexplicably was wearing a suit at the end. Paula won't get the press coverage that Cheetah gets, but she deserves our admiration for coming back from something that wasn't self-inflicted and centered around porn stars. Oh, and at least Natalie Gulbis has won a tournament, so you can't call her the Anna Kournikova of golf.

  2. Czabe,

    Great post about somebody who deserves more of our attention and more press coverage.

  3. I agree with John and Christopher, ever since I began working for her major sponser (see hat) I've been a huge fan. Michelle could learn a thing or two from her.

  4. I'm more of a Morgan Pressel fan, but at least I can pronounce her name! As opposed to Hyung He Kim or whatever impossible names are usually at the top of the leader boards in the LPGA. Go USA, Go Paula!!

  5. she should be a top 10 snickie!