Friday, July 16, 2010

Now That's Some Racin!

I once said the Tour De France was boring.

How, WRONG I WAS!!!!

Mark Renshaw has been kicked out of the race - for HEADBUTTING an opposing rider while they sprinted toward the finish!

Headbutting. I kid you not.

This follows a July 9th cycling donnyrbook between the Portugese and the Spanish along the trail, that involved a bike wheel beat-down to the noggin!

I think cycling is onto something. This is NASCAR, meets Rollerderby, meets the vaunted "Chinese Downhill" from the cult ski movie "Hot Dog."

I think it has legs.


  1. LOL, Czabe it's the steroids. All these dudes are having roid rage. I like it though. I like seeing competition like this. I mean it basically comes to "What would Bill Laimbeer do,?"

  2. What was amazing about the head-butting incident was that it was done somewhere between 30-40mph...that is freakin' AWESOME!

  3. I thought the "Chinese downhill" came from the movie "Better off Dead", but I could have my Eighties Movies mixed up.