Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Leading Question, Your Honor!" - Sustained...

Tiger Woods largely escaped the wrath of the vaunted Fleet Street tabloids this week at the British Open. What we had expected to be a savage, unrepentant grilling of Tiger's personal life and divorce, fizzled into a weak half dozen questions that barely drew blood.

Booo. Come on, British tabloids! I thought you guys were tough!

That said, here was one "question" which I felt would have been rejected by any decent judge as "leading" to say the least.

“Tom Watson has said you need to clean up your act on the golf course. He’s gone on record. Many of us over the years have heard you use the F word, we’ve seen you spit on the course, and we’ve seen you throw tantrums like chucking your clubs around. Are you willing to cut out all those tantrums this week and respect the home of golf?” one reporter asked.

Woods simply replied with, “I’m trying to become a better player and a better person, yes.”

Score a birdie for Woodie on that one.


  1. If we accept that there exists an adversarial relationship between the press and Mr. Woods, the question, while certainly leading, is perfectly permissible as Mr. Woods is, legally, a "hostile witness." Leading questions are opposing counsel's most valuable tool on cross but beware asking the leading question to which the answer is not already known!

  2. Who cares about Woods? I want more about Big John Daly and his neon pants!!!!

  3. lex rex is correct. That question would not be thrown out by a judge. And I am not so sure a judge would throw it out on direct examination either. You could rephrase it as "What are you willing to do to improve your conduct etc etc. . . . .?

  4. Here's a thought to ponder... Tiger is known to be one cheap mo-fo. Various accounts claim Elin is getting $100 - 750 million in the divorce settlement, contingent on her silence on all things Tiger... for the rest of her life. Why would Tiger pay up so fast and not fight for his pre-nup? What more could she say about his wandering ways that would shock anyone? Could it be any worse than the sext messages that the porn star leaked? My guess is that Tiger is buying her silence because she has first hand knowledge of his use of Performance Enhancing Drugs. And that's the real secret that he wants to keep from everyone.

  5. Tiger Woods is an American icon. The greatest golfer of all-time. A mans man that gets laid everyday by blondes, strippers, models and porn girls so fuck britain and their cups of tea with milk