Monday, March 11, 2013

Adam Corolla's Pirate Ship Has Guns-a-Blazin'!!

This... is... epic.

Like a flamethrower of truth, it's an awesome listen. But make sure to listen at home, or at the very least with headphones securely on at work. Now, you WILL have to explain to co-workers why you are pumping your fists wildly in the air and shouting "whooo hooo! My man!"

But that's a small price to pay.

God bless Adam Corolla, who so aptly points out how the politically correct crowd systematically and relentlessly attempts to shut down dissenting or "non-mainstream" opinions on current problems in American society and politics today.

I don't have a pirate ship, yet, but as a well hidden sniper with good ol' up in the jungle hillside, I am happy to add whatever supporting fire I can to the majestic "Gunship Corrolla" blasting away just off the coast.


  1. One of the running gaga on the Carolla is how his name is always misspelled. The friggin' video itself is a billboard that says ADAM CAROLLA SHOW!

  2. Czabe, so glad you also took notice of this interview and subsequent defiant statement by the Ace Man. I enjoy hearing him speak his mind, as I do with you.

    And I am sure the part where he talks about being forced to apologize when working for a station hits you and Andy in a personal way, sadly, after what happened a couple months ago.

    Also, LOL at Werthj's observation above...nonetheless, even a grammer hammer like myself loves your blog in spite of the fact that you misspelled "Carolla" two different ways in one post. :)

    Keep it up my friend. (The awesome morning and afternoon shows and website that is; not the typos.)

  3. Count me in as a crew member on that pirate ship. Fucking awesome rant, Carolla!

  4. Czabe I listen to you and the Ace Man everyday in my cubical.

  5. Check out Carolla's entire interview with the Lt Gov, it was comical to hear the Lt Gov say things like "no one cares more about education than the Latino community", and then answer every question with "there are many reasons why....." without ever mentioning some of the specific, most important factors influencing why certain groups are not performing as well as others.

  6. Adam has "Common Sense".

    In this Country, Common Sense has been replaced by "Politically Correct".

  7. Gotta love Carolla when he get's going. Wonder which way Kimmel leans.

  8. Newsom was married to Fox News hottie Kim Gailfoyle(?). Newsom is a loser who slept with his campaign mgr's wife. Didn't have the stones to go up against Moonbeam in 2010 Democrat CA Governor Primary - liberals are sissy by nature.

    Still a chicken S!

    Ah hoy! Pirate Ship Carolla!

    Prager and Carolla rule!

  9. Most of these pols only go a couple layers deep and are easily exposed if someone challenges them or even asks them a series of questions which forces them to back up their assertions with some degree of logic and fact. The media, however, generally does not have the wherewithal to ask questions of anyone who doesn't have an "R" after his/her name. It took a comic on a podcast (this is not to denigrate Carolla, who is brilliant on a daily basis) to show just how very vapid this "rising star" of the Democratic Party really is.

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