Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to Get Banned For Life in the Phillipines NBA

Renaldo Balkman was in the NBA just last year. You know, the NBA, NBA. The one where you get paid lots of money, and you are kinda famous?

Well, Balkman evidently wore out his welcome stateside, and so he was plying his mad hoops SKILLZ in the Phillipines, when THIS happened.

He has been banned from the league.

For life.

Well played, Mr. Balkman.


  1. I'm guessing that's because there's no players union with any meaningful force. Ron Artest went into the stands and started throwing haymakers at FANS and only got sat down until the start of the next season. That crazy asshole deserved to be banned for life, but even the arrogant David Stern knew that battle with the NBPA wasn't worth it.

  2. the commentators sound like triumph the insult dog.

  3. Must have thought it was his girlfriend.

  4. I hope, for his sake, he has additional marketable skills on which to fall back.

  5. He was tapping into his inner Latrell Sprewell.

  6. I like the view of the cops/security guards pleasantly sitting courtside in the background with arms crossed, handcuffs hanging from their waste, just looking on while he chokes his teammate; which was several minutes into his 'episode'.