Monday, March 4, 2013

Sometimes You Can't See Horror, Even When It Stares You In the Face

My favorite Tumblr Blog of all time, King Jong-Il, Looking at Things.

And of course, now we've got one for his dippy, murderous, tyrant son.

Dennis Rodman went over there recently to cash some easy HBO money for a "reality" show. Funny, because what North Korea shows the world is the FURTHEST thing from reality you could get.

I think it would be hilarious to lure Rodman BACK to North Korea for a follow up visit, and then revoke his visa once he's there.

It would be like locking your roomate out of the house in the middle of a snowstorm wearing nothing but pajamas and laughing your ass off as he bangs on the sliding glass door.

Only for Rodman, it might involve such fun like this!


He says that on the morning of 6.4.96 he was handcuffed, blindfolded and driven to an unknown place. He learned about his mother and brother and was interrogated about his knowledge and part in the plot. He had no information to give.

He was left in a small cell overnight and the next day taken to another room. Here he was stripped and his hands and feet tied.

He was suspended from the ceiling by his arms and legs while being questioned. A fire was kindled on the floor under his back. The pain made him scream and writhe. When he did this a torturer forced a hook into the skin in his pubic area so that he could not struggle. He fainted.

Mr Shin does not know for how long he was unconscious. He regained consciousness in a cell. He was in great pain, and he had urinated and defaecated. His wounds became infected. He became weaker and feverish. He says that the guards refused to enter his cell because he smelled so bad. They just pushed food through the door. There were no toilet facilities. He was then moved into a cell with another prisoner, an older man who had been there a long rime.

Mr Shin has described how this older male prisonerhelped him regain his strength and health and give him the will to live. He was in the cell for seven months. When he was taken from the cell he saw his father briefly and realised that he too had been tortured for the same reason. Mr Shin and his father were forced to watch his mother hanged and his brother killed by firing squad for attempting to escape.


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  2. I have never seen the Kim Jong-Il looking at things tumblr and I have never laughed so hard at something so simple. That guy was personality personified!!!