Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Party On, Dudes!

The Flyin' White Boys from Florida Gulf Coast University are not the "best" NCAA Cinderella story of all time. But they might be the most "fun" story ever.

Best would go to Butler, making the championship game, back to back years. Only to fall agonizingly short of cutting down the nets.

Second and third best would be VCU going from play-in round to the Final Four, and George Mason becoming the first modern "little school that could."

But this is fun. Crazy, fun.

I even saw on another highlight package of the G-Town win, PG Brett Comer inbounding it OFF THE BACK of the Hoyas' clueless Nate Lubick, then scoring!

If you want to see the view from one of the DORMS, you can just click here and say "shut the FRONT door!"

And if you want the overall geography of where the place is, you go google earth zooming here.

Then, if your kid is torn between Harvard, Yale, and FGCU, you can click here to listen to their whole academic pitch.

Oh, and does Harvard have a beach?

No. No they don't. Suck it, Harvard.


Oh, and here's the coach's lovely wife. She was a model. He won her over with a date at Taco Bell

No, really. He did.

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