Sunday, March 17, 2013

RIP: Big East Tournament

A great montage of so many great moments. Too bad a bunch of second rate football programs who have delusions of grandeur ripped it apart. Those dicks. At any rate, enjoy.


  1. you show your lack of knowledge of Big East history with that opinion Czabe. I could go into huge diatribe about the bball only cabal that ruined any chance BE had as a conference but I'll be charitable and just say the mix was never gonna work.

  2. Czabe, believe me most BE football fans not happy with this and would rather be playing football in Northeast.

    Most of us are drained from this whole mess and want to move on (RU to B1G thank god) but please don't blame the football schools.

    BE football was consistently underrated by national media for the past decade (Sagarin rated it as 4th 5th and 2nd best conference in 2007, 2008 and 2009) and trashed in national and local outlets (a NE self hatred thing IMO) with not a word or action from BE leadership. That's because it was based in Providence and run by the high priests who worshiped at the almighty hoops altar.

    Instead of leadership this group let conference be poached to extinction. These bball schools were happy to take the football money but not pleased that football is king-- leading to total dyfunction.

    You recently had Mike Aresco on. While you had some fun at his expense I think you might agree if BE had someone with that savy at the helm when conference had the likes of Miami, Va tech, BC, Pitt, Cuse, WVU, Ville, and yes RU it would have thrived. Most of us feel this is who we should be playing btw.

    Don't blame the FB schools who felt like red-headed step children when it came to BE decisions. Blame the BB driven leadership and maybe the ACC for taking advantage of the mess.
    Catholic schools got what they wanted in the end, I guess.

    BTW love the show, as always, and safe trip to Vegas. Hope to join you one year when kids get a little older.