Friday, March 8, 2013

Here's 2 Insanely Better Kickers Than Lauren Silberman, And Even They Have A Hard Time Getting Tryouts!

This first lunkhead is Havard Rugland.

Aka: "Kickalicious."

Now normally, I frown upon "trick shot" videos on YouTube, since, hello - EDITING!

That said... hol-lee-sheeeeeet!

Even still, it's DOUBTFUL ol' Kickalicious will EVER play in an NFL game. But he's gonna try. And good for him. Just remember him, however, compared to Missy Toe Stubber who fashioned herself as the Rosa Parks of kicking.

Oh... and here's a high school kid who can WHOMP it 70 yards, and he can't even get a D1 scholarship.


  1. The Lions should sign Rugland just for the onside kicks. Seriously, you could get the ball back half the time.

  2. The 70 yarder is obviously still impressive, but it seems like there's a bit of a tailwind behind the prep kicker.