Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Talk About "Givin' 'Er!"

Her name is Margaret Emery. And she is lovely.

But when I saw the DirecTV genie ad that shows her getting literally, BENT OVER and thrusted by a promotional "wind dancer" display, I nearly blasted milk through my nose in shock.

Sure, the act of thrusting is a split second (I know, I freeze framed it! /pervert) but I was pretty shocked that network lawyers said: "Okay, we're cool with that."

Well for those keen eyes, she is also the lovely perv who loads her man's cell phone with a NSFW video en route to the airport. Hoooo, yeah!

And thanks to a tipster, she also stars in a Funny Or Die video short on a lottery for orgasms.

I mean, if you really want to see her fake an orgasm, if that would brighten your day, then go ahead, click away on the link above!

In the meantime, Ms. Emery you just keep being fabulous, and let's hope you get a breakout role soon in proper television!


  1. She wrote and directed the funny or die spot..

  2. Saw commercial and interpreted the exact same thing re: her getting it backdoor by inflatable.