Monday, March 11, 2013

Forget the ProV1s, I'm Gonna Order A Dozen of These Footballs!

It looks like the most effed-up version of "golf" I have ever seen.


Uhhhh... huh. Really?

You can read the website yourself if you want. I got about two pages into it and said, okay whatever.

Still, I just can't wait to tee up a shiny white dimpled FOOTBALL the next time I play golf with my boyz, and see their reactions.

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  1. Long story short my boss was doing some research on David slaying Goliath with only a sling. Turns out the Jews were pretty lethal with these bad boys. In talking to a guy from New Zealand about his research, he was sent a bag of these football shaped balls to see how they would fly out of a sling. It was pretty impressive as they would go into a spiral soon after release and cover some pretty good distance. Seeing this I was pretty anxious to see these bad boys fly off of a golf club. So I snagged 12 of them and brought them do our annual pre-ffb draft golf outing. It's a 2 man scramble with some wrinkles thrown in to add to the hilarity. One of those wrinkles this year was to have everyone play a long par 3 with one of these dimpled footballs (except to putt). Let's just say they fly inconsistent at best with none of the 12 shots approaching standard club distance, well below. Twas funny to watch though.