Monday, September 16, 2013

Bad Enough We Got Rolled, But We've Got A Dirty Cheap Shot Artist On Our Lousy Defense

Carnage? Let's count the bodies, shall we?

Allowing a new Aaron Rodgers record for single game passing yards. Check.
Allowing the pack to snap a 44-game streak of sub-100 yard rushers. Check.
And getting shut out in the first half on offense against another opponent whose defense was not exactly know for being a "shut down" unit. Check.

Oh, and we have a cheap shot artist on staff. Though maybe not for long.

Look, I too am frustrated by the NFL's inconsistent and often absurd attempts to legislate violence out of the game by way of Monday morning fines from the league office.

But there's no need for Brandon Meriweather in the NFL. None.

In case you forgot, Meriweather's history is chock full of these types of hits.

He's basically Chuck Cecil, with dreadlocks.

The league will no doubt have their say this week in the form of his game check. The concussion protocol may keep him out a few weeks anyway. But worst of all, is that the defense sucks with him, or without him.

And no matter what is going with RG3 and the apparent aversion to letting him/asking him to run, none of that matters if they can't stop people.


  1. I thought the hit that knocked Meriweather out was more blatant than the hit on Lacy.

  2. Both hits that Meriweather delivered were his fault. He went in head first on both of them. The fact that Starks was able to protect himself is another point. If Meriweather tries to make any attempt to wrap up on either play, we're not even having this discussion today.

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