Thursday, September 12, 2013

Football Theme Songs, En Fugue

At least I *think* this is a "fugue" in musical terms. I do know that it's definitely, uh, well, "interesting" I suppose.

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  1. Here the About description from YouTube... Definitely adds to the... "interesting"

    Published on Sep 4, 2013
    If football and classical piano were any more similar they would be the same thing.

    Both are fiercely competitive.
    Both require violence, elegance, and nerves of steel.
    Both demand a lifetime of intense training and discipline.
    Both promise fame and glory but usually lead to working with kids.
    Both will leave you with some sort of brain trauma.
    But both will totally get you laid.

    The Fantasy Football and Fugue isn't just a bad music pun, it's a classical mashup of network NFL anthems (CBS, ESPN, FOX, and NBC) that would make Bach and Butkus proud.

    Through the lens of classical music and short film, I hope to open these seemingly dissimilar fields to new audiences, sign a multi-million dollar development deal with a major Hollywood studio, become friends with Aaron Rodgers, and not get sued by 4 networks simultaneously.