Friday, September 6, 2013

It's Good To Be "The King!"

Once again, our "King of Primetime" contest is a GO for the 2013 season here at

Even if you missed Week 1, you can and SHOULD DIVE RIGHT IN anyway.


1. It's FREE!
2. Say hello to my little friends above! The "Czabe Football Prize Pack!"
3. Did I say it's FREE?

So here's how it'll work.

1. Closest correct score (must pick winner, too. duh...) each week is declared the "Weekly Winner."
2. Weekly Winner Gets the Czabe Football Prize Pack. Autographed Yahoo! Sports Radio football. Vintage Fighting Donkeys Sweatshirt and Hat.
3. Every weekly winner (17 weekly winners, plus ties) will be qualified for the "Grand Prize" at the end of the year. (We are working on that, but trust me, it's gonna be sweet!)
4. Selecting the "Grand Prize Winner" will likely be a continuation of the contest using NFL Playoff Games as the tiebreaker.

So all in all, fun. Yes, good clean fun. Sign up and win. It's free.

Don't YOU want to be the "King of Primetime?"

/ Judge Smails voice
"Mmmmm. Hmmuhm, hmmmmm! Danny?"


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  1. What's a Dino Costa and how is he usurping your time slot?