Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Golf Guy Stereotypes

An excellent summary. But they missed...

"Slight Rain Bail Out Guy"
"Never Has Money to Pay His Bet Guy"
"The Armchair Agronomist"


"I Swear I'm Not A Slow Player Guy"

/slower than frozen molasses


  1. Also missed "Middle aged guy with no rap throwing cheesy pick-up lines at the beer girl who pretends to laugh just for the tip."

  2. I played in High School guy
    New equipment every week guy
    Rules guy
    Drinks during the round guy
    Only cares about his score, not the match guy
    I don't like playing for money guy

    Also check stereotypical pick up basketball video by the same guys.

  3. 'Drinks during the round guy' is a problem? Damn.