Monday, September 16, 2013

This Guy's Explanation of The Wisconsin Robbery Makes Me Want To Punch Him In HIs Face

It needs no further explanation that a TRAVESTY occurred in the closing seconds of the Wisconsin v. Arizona State game.

In fact, it might be the single worst college football f*** up by the zebras since the infamous Colorado v. Missouri "5th Down" game.

You could easily argue: WORSE! Because at least the 5th Down game was a SINGULAR screw up. Granted, it involved nothing more than an entire crew not COUNTING CORRECTLY TO FOUR, but hey, it was ONE thing.

This ref crew f*** up six ways to Saturday. Then ran off the field like a bunch of chickensh** losers who should never call a flag football game again in their life.

It's the END of the game! You BETTER call a conference, and FIGURE IT OUT.

Nah. Run for the parking lot. Pussies.

Well, anyway, there's too much of THIS going on today, which makes me livid. The whole "yeah, but" crowd, and then somehow trying to blame Stave or Wisconsin for this colossal F-UP!

Here's some dickwad homer for the ASU blog trying to rationalize it all. His name is Kerry Crowley. Let him know just how feeble his reasoning skills are after reading this:
Does the blame fall on Arizona State for falling on a fumble after a whistle? Does it fall on Wisconsin for poor clock management? Or does it fall on the referees for mishandling the final seconds of the game and creating a sense of uncertainty? 
All three parties are responsible for the situation. That doesn't mean the final seconds should be replayed nor does it mean that referees should be fired. Crazy things happen in college football, and that's why we love the sport. The Badgers might have been robbed, but every coach on their staff will tell you they had opportunities to put the game away many times before that final play.
No. None of that matters, dunce-wad. If Alabama vs. Texas A&M ended this way, cities would be burning. Wrong is wrong, and these refs should never, ever, ever work D1 football again.


Now run along.


  1. It was a payoff for the refs, plain and simple, so they had to get out of there once it was over. A $100 bet on a WI win would have netted a $140 return. ASU also had only 3 penalties called on them all game, all of which were obvious/undeniable penalties like pre-snap motion or formation issues. Vegas and the refs go home happy once again.

    Mike Pereria also used to be the head of the Pac-12 refs and he himself said the talent pool for refs in that conference was absolutely terrible when he started.

  2. Also this new blog/comment system is TERRIBLE czabe!! You may notice that you're getting far fewer comments now -- and that's because it's IMPOSSIBLE for most of us to enter a comment on any article. I'm not sure how I was able to enter this one - only thing I can think of is it helped that there already was 1 comment there. I've tried both firefox and Explorer...same way to comment most of the time.