Friday, September 20, 2013

King of Primetime Has "Upped the Ante!"

Okay kids, all I ask for is ONE minute of your time to pick ONE game, the Sunday Night Carrie Underwood Palooza! This week, Bears-Steelers!

If you are the CLOSEST to the exact score, of if you "nail it" like the 'Nard Dog, then you will be entered into the KOP "playoffs" after the season, with a chance to win the 42" Flatscreen!

As if the glory of winning a week, is not enough. If the entry to to the playoffs AND the magnificent Czabe Football Prize Pack (signed Yahoo! Sports Radio football, hat, sweatshirt) is NOT enough... well then... we are UPPING THE ANTE!

National landscaping and snowplow parts supplier J. Thomas is going to give $50 intent/store credit for the winner. And hey, who doesn't need an extra spool of heavy .095 sting trimmer wire!?

So run to the contest page here, before you forget, and GOOD LUCK!

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