Sunday, September 29, 2013

Naya Rivera Supports Her Brother, The Home Team

You gotta love it when a Fox TV star gets impromptu cross-promotional run while her brother is scoring a touchdown in the Black Hole and getting his end zone freak on legally after scoring a touchdown.

Just like Ricky Bobby once said: "That was real... that just happened!"

At first, I said: "Wow, typical 'Raider Chick.' Probably has a criminal record and VD."

Then they said it was Glee's Naya Rivera. Oops. Sorry. (Still loved the clearly mouthed "f*** yeah!")

I retract that statement, made wholly and exclusively from my basement to nobody in particular. Especially since her brother Mychal could kick my ass six ways to Sunday.

That said, I found this on the internet, soooo... you know. Yeah.

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