Sunday, September 22, 2013

Had A Bad Weekend? Jon Gosselin Bad?

'Member this jerkstore loser? Ah yes, the good ol' days when there were a select few "reality" stars out there - a dozen, two dozen, tops? - and all it took to be semi-famous was to be dysfunctional enough on a cable network with an audience just a few live bodies larger than Al Jazeera, or MSNBC.

Apparently, Jon is now living in the woods, with no TV or internet. And he's waiting tables. And yeah, he does admit to people "I'm that guy, from that thing!" And now, he's perhaps going to get in trouble for firing a "warning shot" to scare off the paparazzi. He says it's perfectly legal.

But Jon Gosselin is not an attorney. He just had to pay for one to watch that evil witch wife of his get fake boobs, bang the limo driver/security guard, and haul ass down their long reality TV driveway with those 8 little monsters adorable children.

 So, yeah, he's doing SUPER! Thanks for asking.

As for the New York Giants? They apparently suck golf balls through garden hoses, they are so bad.

 I recall when every little Tom Coughlin 2-game losing skid would sent TV pundits into spasms of "fire this guy!" outrage. Then Coughlin won two Super Bowls, so that sorta died down. Now, I think it really is time again to fire this assmunch of a coach. I mean, 2 David Wilson fumbles per week, a giant bucket of Eli-Face reactions to INTs, and the fact the Super Bowl is coming to town, isn't going to take Big Blue very far. 

Or you can stay the course, and suck for two more years, and THEN fire him. Which, as a Redskins fan, would be fine by me.

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  1. Poorly timed post, given the fact that Tom just lost his brother in a freak accident.