Thursday, September 26, 2013

Oh Yeah, The NFL Is Like So On Top of This Whole Concussion Thing

So here was an old photo of Roger Staubach at Cowboys Stadium. Notice how honest and up front teams were back then, and note too how he was not going back in the game.

Now, I'm not sure about the whole "mild" part of his "concussion" - nor do I think the concerned look and moist towel on Roger's head have much healing benefit.

But hey, I repeat. He came out of the game, and STAYED OUT!

Which is more than what happened Monday night, when Raider QB Terrelle Pryor - in a game long since lost to the ravages of Peyton Manning - got DEBACLED by a Bronco, wandered around woozily, had time to talk to the sideline staff while replay sorted out the fumble..... AND THEN GOT PUSHED BACK OUT THERE FOR MORE PUNISHMENT!

It's like Colt McCoy, never happened. Amazing.

Of course, you'll recall here how league reporter/mouthpiece Adam Schefter said the NFL was going to "make sure" this did NOT happen again.

Except um, it did.

Meanwhile, good ol' Heads Up Football (TM) is out there pretending to teach and preach a "safer" and "better" way to tackle - you just need to remember FIVE SIMPLE MOVES, and execute them in perfect sequence against a physical and elusive ball carrier in space.

Uh, huh.

Now, I understand that you can't always be black/white on these issues. Because Aaron Rodgers got BUTTONHOLED by Julius Peppers in the NFC  Title game a few years ago. And thankfully for Packer fans, Rodgers got up, shook himself off, and finished the march to another Lombardi.

Had the NFL imposed some mandatory "rule" where hits like this require a "sit down" by a QB for some period of time (1 play? 1 series? A quarter? Game?) then who knows how this would have affected the outcome of such a huge game. Imagine how bitter fans would be over a rule meant for safety, but ultimately ends up giving a borderline dirty team/hit a huge advantage.

Still, it should not be hard to take a Colt McCoy out of a regular season game when James Harrison dump trucks him, or when Pryor gets Exorcist-necked in a game they had zero chance of winning.

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