Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Very Dubious Benefits of "Extra Reps" Ahead of "Rivalry Week"

This email was sent to me from listener Matt Schraeder...
During the week before big rivalry games, I've heard players mention that they are going to "lift some extra weights this week" to get ready. What's the point? I doubt that lifting weights THAT WEEK will make you any stronger. In fact, my guess is that it will only tire you out. Lifting weights earlier would help, but not that late. 
Galdi or Cooley might be able to add something. 
The Steelers are playing so bad that they should be deported. (Wait, they are! Off to London.)

Ah yes, the "pump you up" culture! It's the BEST, isn't it, kids?

It reminds me of two clips.

The first is of noted weightroom "meathead" coach, John Lott, who conducts the annual NFL combine "bench press" test. Lott has the absolute BEST sayings when a dude is cranking out the reps. Here's a small example as he watches a guy set the "record" for 225 reps a while back. (Note: have you ever heard of this guy since he made the NFL? Yeah, right. Me neither.)

The second is of the all time SNL classic on the "All Drug Olympics".

ALL DRUG OLYMPICS - watch more funny videos      

And in conclusion, I don't think doing "extra reps" or wearing "smedium" shirts will do much for winning that "big game."

But certainly paying attention in meetings, and practicing with extra focus and urgency, might - just MIGHT - do the trick!

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