Monday, November 4, 2013

A Holly Sonders Story, From Back When She Was Holly Niederkohr

TO: Czabe
FROM: Mike G.
RE: Holly Sonders of The Golf Channel

I was listening to the Thursday podcast and caught your Golf Channel lecture and I must agree. More importantly, I also caught you and a fellow listener's comments on lovely and talented (?) Golf Channel host Holly Sonders.

I actually know and remember Holly Sonders, but as Holly Niederkohr (Pronounced: 'nee-derr-core.') from attending High School with her in Marysville, Ohio in 2003. In actuality, she has a fairly interesting background that a golfer like yourself may take a "hey, how about that"-worths interest in.

Holly was, of course, a tremendous golfer even before high school. She was, well, "hot", even then, but the type of "hot" that you know you have no chance of getting so you don't even bother with trying (yes, I am in my late 20's and balding. How'd you guess?). Her father is an optometrist and has his own practice in Marysville. Growing up, a lot of people knew she would be a very talented golfer, but weren't quite sure where she would play, since Marysville High School had no women's Golf team.

What made things additionally intriguing in this story was that there was another girl in Marysville by the name of Carly Truitt, who was EQUALLY good at golf, of the same age as Holly, and to top it off her father was ALSO an Optometrist with his own practice in Marysville! Both girls playing so well (and I imagine their fathers being doctors) seemed to be enough to establish the first-ever girls golf team at Marysville High School. Holly and Carly, of course, were on the team, but the rest of the pack was not nearly as talented as those two. Almost comically, they still won the Ohio state girls golf tournament (for our division) that first year, with Holly taking 3rd place in the state individually. The next year, they won again with Carly taking 1st in the state this time!

Long story short, both girls received scholarships to golf and seem to be doing well now. I did not know them thatwell personally, but back in those days their rivalry was palpable. Any time one would get asked about the other, it was like the moment in any Tiger interview after a tournament when he's asked about whoever else that won the tournament. You can just see it in his face, the underlying animosity. Pretty entertaining stuff.

Anyway, thought you might enjoy that story. Also, I don't care what Solly says behind your back, the show is great. Kidding, kidding. Really, though, never change because you're all perfect just the way you are.

Highest Regards,
"Mike G"
Marysville High School Class of 2003


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