Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lonely Island: Jack Sparrow

It's kinda embarrassing that I only saw this one today, for god's sake! Where have I been? Not like I don't know about the Lonely Island geniuses. Not like "J*** In My Pants" isn't my favorite song of all time (no, wait.... "I'm On A Boat" is even better).

So for everyone else out there who *thinks* they are "hip to the internets" and have seen what all the kids are talking about, but still find things here at that you never knew existed... well.. enjoy. It's another classic.


  1. The speed of a fad rising and falling is mind blowing. I saw a high school play a year or two ago that was a modern version of a Mid Summers’s Dream that had a scene using the Party Rock anthem (Every Day I’m Sufflin) which was also being used in a Kia commercial at the time. Fast forward a few months and Kia’s has moved on to Gangnam Style and I wondered if the play got updated. Those are now “old school” and have been replaced by What Does the Fox Say and Wrecking Ball which are also just about at the end of their shelf life. Yes, I have teenage children.

  2. It took me 41 years, but I'm now a Michael Bolton fan.

  3. Spring Break Anthem is one of my favorite Lonely Island videos. For the best, you have to watch the Justin Timberlake/Andy Samberg trilogy in order: Dick in a Box, Mother Lover, and finally Golden Rule. Spectacular....