Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Snicky du Jour: Allie Laforce

So I'm watching CBS Sports Network by accident today (and let's be honest, who can even FIND that thing?) and I happen upon some show with ex-Bristolite Doug Gottleib called "Leadoff."

Now, I personally don't know Gottleib, but I like him. He's smart. Blunt. And willing to say what needs to be said. Probably why ESPN was never really willing to promote him. And yes, he stole credit cards in college and got kicked out of school.

He has owned that low moment without reservation whenever somebody wants to use it as a bludgeon, and I give him full marks for that.

So anyway, this show "Leadoff" is like any of the cable sports shows with a rundown, and topics-du-jour, and there's somebody tossing softballs for Gottleib to hit with his opinions on them.. and...


Who. Is. That?

Say hello, to Allie Laforce. Former Miss Teen USA. Former basketball player at Ohio U. Paid her dues in TV around Cleveland, and now doing a nice job on this show and also sidelines doing college hoops.

She's clearly "sports smart" from listening to her. And she has a nice TV "poise" about her.

And yeah, total smokeshow. Sorta like a younger Alex Flanagan. With a touch of Emma Stone's sexy, husky deep voice.

Love it. Carry on, Ms. Laforce. See you on the big stage, in short order.


  1. So wait, let me get this straight...there are actually girls out there - real ones - who played D1 sports, who love to talk sports and are smoking hot? She must be a complete train wreck off camera, right? Must be...please say yes... Now I'm really pissed at my Dad, first he never said DON'T get married but he also told me that those 3 qualities meshed together were not possible...

  2. My first thought when I saw that pic was, "Who is the hot girl interviewing the dude". A hot snicky that is someone you have never hear of before is like an early Christmas present.

  3. very surprised you were so behind the curve on this cutie...she's been on this show for at least 6 months

  4. Yeah I saw her on a Badger game a while back and was taken aback but how damn fine she was. I agree with the 1st poster here.

  5. I Googled her and saw the various photos of her. One word: HOT!