Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Most Comprehensive X's and O's Breakdown I've Ever Seen

Once upon a time, I routinely railed on the NFL for emargoing the vaunted "All-22" film that coaches look at to review plays and create game-plans.

In fact, the league once haughtily said this:
If you ask the league to see the footage that was taken from on high to show the entire field and what all 22 players did on every play, the response will be emphatic. "NO ONE gets that," NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy wrote in an email. This footage, added fellow league spokesman Greg Aiello, "is regarded at this point as proprietary NFL coaching information." 
The NFL says the league wasn't actually serious about releasing the footage. The survey was meant only to gauge fan interest, Aiello says. "There's not a product in development," he says. "This is a long way from becoming a reality, if ever."
Yeah. That was all the way back in.... 2011.

The "fear" from the football "establishment" was that us idiot couch monkeys would start jumping to incorrect conclusions about plays and players based on this "proprietary" secret fucking video formula to the NFL.

Like it's the recipe for Coca-Cola.


Instead, plenty of smart football minds who do NOT get paid $1 million to sit on a network set and say virtually nothing of value (I'm looking at YOU, Isotoner Boy!) now take this goldmine of video and prepare film prep breakdowns like THIS!

Read this awesome breakdown by Fran Duffy on the Redskins complicated "Zone-Read" scheme in advance of today's Eagles game and you WILL BE much smarter for it.

And yeah, I had to look him up. Who the f*** is Fran Duffy?

A former video coordinator for Temple football. Plenty smart to explain things to us masses about football concepts and trends.

And still hungry to make a name for himself.

All brought to you, absolutely FREE, thanks to Al Gore's internet.


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  1. I only read the first two scenarios so feel free to flame if it is addressed later. Both those plays demonstrate why I was surprise those formations worked last year. I have heard for several decades that the option doesn’t work in the NFL because the QB will get killed because the team will always take the shot at the QB. While that happened later in the year, I was surprised it didn’t happen from day one. Last year’s week three game against the Bengals stands out in particular. They kept getting burned in the first half and the started drilling RG3 in the second half even if he pitched the ball. What surprised me was why the Bengals waited half a game to do it and why the to the teams didn’t keep doing it from the first snap in subsequent weeks.