Thursday, November 14, 2013

Snicky du Jour: Priyanka Chopra

Or... better known as "The Hot Chick Who Opens NFL Network Thursday Games But They Make Extra Sure to Never Show Her Name Or Mention Her Anywhere."

I mean, are we THAT xenophobic as football fans that we can't promote an Indian smokeshow just because she's not 'Murican!?

I suppose that's what NFL Network thinks. Because the lengths to which they go to NOT mention her, is truly comical. Look, we're not all inbred rednecks who will shoot our TV screens like Elvis just because this gal 'ain't from Tennessee.

(Although I did now notice you can get Pri wearing EVERY one of the NFL's officially licensed jerseys here, which makes for a nice screensaver!)

We put up with that hack midget Cee Lo Green before her.

We can handle it. Put her name up there. Drop her a mention on the pre-game. Hell, bring her on the set one week!

You may hate the song (it's pop garbage, I concede) but let's not let this snicky go unappreciated.


  1. She could make a potato sack look sexy.

  2. Caught her credit last night, At the END of the game for a fast split second!