Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Get. Better. Players.

Sometimes, the simplest message is the most true.

Like Chick-fil-A's brilliantly minimalist marketing strategy, in the NFL there is no substitute for getting better players.

And despite all the problems with the Redskins right now - too many to truly list - the biggest problem remains as boring and old as the NFL hills: poor talent.

Griffin can improve. Shanahan can be fired. Those things will run their course.

Getting mo' better players, however, takes time and a persistent strategy.

Nothing sexy or quick about it.

Here's all that really matters about the Redskins right now. Going into the Vikings game 3 losses ago, the team was staggeringly healthy. All 22 of it's Week 1 starters on both sides of the ball, were suited and ready to go.

And they lost the next three.

If you were to rate each player as follows...

++ = NFL elite, All-Pro
+ = Very good, Pro Bowl Caliber
0 = A decent player, no more, no less.
- = Less than average player
-- = Liability, should not be on roster

I would say the Redskins current roster has more "minus", or double-minus players than "plus" players by a factor of 2-to-1.

And I won't go through calling them out, because I think followers of the team know exactly who they are.

So in other words, the Redskins' roster - full of "minus" players - doesn't even have young backups who are pushing and taking over starting jobs.

Which makes the bench "double-minus" caliber talent.

Shanahan is eager to get at that sweet, sweet, salary cap money which will be finally be available this spring. Hell, he talks about it more than a teenager talks about the upcoming One Direction release.

But you can't buy more than a few decent guys with cap space.

The Rams have our first rounder this year, as final payment for RG3. It's looking like it might be Top-5, perhaps (gulp!) #1/#1.

That's sobering enough if Griffin were good this year, and the team was still bad due to other reasons.

But in my nightmares........ I see Joe Webb.

In my nightmares, I see the great RG3 Experiment morphing into a guy who is not much more than a "run around guy", still trying to pull miracles out of his Superman socks.

I still have faith,  maybe stupidly, that this guy is smart enough, committed enough, and skilled enough to play the position at an elite level.

But he needs better coaching, a big dollop of humility (currently being installed by recent events and games) and... alas.... MORE. BETTER. PLAYERS.


Here are the notable screen shots from last night's game. None are comforting. Especially, the kick to the gonads!


  1. What do u do with orakpo???? Can they give him the big deal he is gonna want???

  2. Natalie, at this point in the season, it is pronounced "O-rap-ko."

  3. It's time again for my family's favorite Redskins Thanksgiving tradition. Talking about next season!

  4. Funny when they won 7 straight NOT ONE TIME!!! was the salary cap hit mention, now to use that as a crutch well again what I have said about this guy from day 1 of his hiring, at best a Used Car Salesman or a Penny Stock Wall Street Bankgster, Next to Fat Al picture in the FBI Fraud Watch Unit is the Red Lobster his-self, oh wait they might win the last game of the year and along with the more money next year "Were Going To The Super Bowl"

  5. "Operation Salary Cap Returns" shirt on sale 1 April, 2014.

  6. Griffin looked like Rodgers with better legs, last year. WTF happened to the guy?!

    1. Why was I posted as Unknown? Did you hire the brilliant Obamacare specialists to update your website?

    2. If Czabe had done that, you would have also lost your insurance, your doctor and your job. Oh wait . . . . that stuff is happening anyway.

    3. He further busted his already-broke knee, trying to play in that sandlot you call home field.

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