Monday, October 5, 2009

Booo. Redskins. No Praise Here... Booo...

If the Redskins had played a game like the Ravens - hard hitting, smart, but ultimately a loss – against the Patriots, I would come here today with PLENTY of good things to say.

I have never been one to confuse RESULTS, with ANALYSIS.

That said, the analysis of the 2009 Redskins is deservedly harsh. They are a bad team, probably still delusional about their level of talent, and with a QB and coach who are horribly mismatched. Campbell is likely a backup, Zorn no more than a coordinator.

As such, the Skins barely escaped a team that is essentially non-functional.

A team that amassed just 84 yards last week.. and will have to hustle to get 2 wins this year.
A team that missed two field goals.
A team that rolled out.... Josh Johnson.... a guy who looked like a WR, running all-wildcat, all the time. He made exactly two throws of any consequence all day.

It was, without doubt, the WORST first half of football in all phases I've seen since the Norv days.

Jason Campbell completed exactly two passes to a WR. Both to Moss. At one point, I was calling him Jamarcus Campbell. Minus the 1 pass to Moss, Campbell was 11-21, for 101, with 3 INTs (and a 4th one dropped after it hit the umpire in the head) ... as bad if not worse than Josh Johnson

The o-line was so suspect in pass protect, they had to use a lot of 6-7 man protect schemes, so very little was open. If Campbell doens't make those two big runs, and they don't make the 4th and 3... they lose.

Haynesworth played a lot. Didn't seem to do much. I still think he remains a pretty good “prospect” for this team. What? He's being paid how much?

Cadillac Williams had 77 yards on 16 carries... he would have had a monster day if Johnson was even a minimally credible threat with his arm.

Carlos Rodgers continues to be a complete stone-hands DB. Given where he was drafted... I think we can officially call him a disappointment.

Special teams continue to be stunningly lackluster, and un-special. Randle El is easily the worst PR in the league. Misplayed 3 punts badly! Makes an overabundance of fair catches. Blocked XP from a wing player, was something I literally cannot remember seeing EVER in all my years of watching the NFL.

Finally, I hate the culture of this team. Its almost like this has become Clinton's Flag Football team. He paid the entry fee, bought the shirts, and decides when he's gonna play, and how much. If anybody says he “ran hard” or “played well” then you just don't watch football with a very critical eye. Portis routinely got stuffed for no gain. He failed to finish runs for first downs that 80% of the backs in the league would make. His vision and explosiveness are virtually gone at this point. This was a game he should have sat out, instead we gave him “hero carries” and it will almost surely lead to him breaking down even sooner this season.


It's a win.
Reed Daughty played great.
The London Fletcher tackling machine continues unabated..
Campbell found some composure in the 2nd half.
DeAngelo Hall made a legitimately game impacting play (bad tackling aside)

Finally, for some perspective...

The Detroit Lions scored more points in LOSING by 24 to the Bears, than the Skins have scored all year.

The SF 49ers dusted the team we barely beat 9-7 by a 35-0 score.

The 1st quarter TD drought continues. That's seven straight games. The sub-30 point drought continues. That's 21 games.

The rest of the season feels like a sentence.


  1. Everything you said is correct except about Campbell. I think he did great that day. Yes he had 3 interceptions. Who dosen't? He did comeback didnt he? I believe QB is not a position among the many needs we have right now. I remember very well how much you wanted Brady Quinn. Look where he is now.

    Campbell is not Peyton Manning. But my feeling is he is comparable to Eli. Eli looks good because of his offensive line. Same can be said about Campbell if he gets the right protection and if we have our running game going. I am not saying he is perfect, but he is a decent QB and he is definately not a backup material.

  2. "Campbell is not Peyton Manning." That's putting it mildly.

    I'd say JC IS comparable to Eli, circa 2007 when he couldn't get his head right. Eli is now a proven winner, obviously with better talent around him, who can make reads and make the right decision to move the chains and score 6 pts. Campbell seems moderately capable in certain situations -- between the 20s and against woeful teams. That's not a formula for getting Ws.

    How many rookies and second-year guys in the league do we need to see thrive in the NFL before we get past the "he just needs to time to adjust to a new coach/system/receiver" arguments? It's getting old. Just pull the plug already!

  3. Love to hear your thoughts on growing fan discontent with Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato, looks like it's finding a voice, getting organized. For example, local TV station ABC7 did a piece last night on the "turn in your Fan Card" drive:

    Thanks for your comments!

  4. Sorry Czabe, posted a link to the 'Fan Card' thread on the Redskins' own official forum; here's the link to the ABC7 video:

    Thanks again!