Thursday, October 1, 2009

Not Exactly A Blueprint for Winning Football

Michael A emails me an interesting piece of research.


A friend of mine, with obviously too much time on his hands, did the following analysis:

Just for fun, I thought I’d take a look at how the Skins have drafted the past 10 years (2000-2009) and compare them to some of the perennial playoff teams from this past decade.

Total number of picks:
Tennessee – 95 (!)
Philadelphia – 82
Indianapolis – 81
Baltimore – 81
New England – 79
Pittsburgh – 78
NY Giants – 74
Washington – 63

Total number of picks in the first 4 rounds:
Tennessee – 53 (56% of picks are in the first 4 rounds)
Philadelphia – 44 (54%)
New England – 43 (54%)
Indianapolis – 42 (52%)
Baltimore – 42 (52%)
Pittsburgh – 40 (51%)
NY Giants – 40 (54%)
Washington – 27 (43%)

# of offensive linemen drafted (OG+OT+C):
Philadelphia – 17 (21% of all picks were offensive linemen)
New England – 15 (19%)
Baltimore – 15 (19%)
Pittsburgh – 15 (19%)
Indianapolis – 14 (17%)
Tennessee – 13 (14%)
Washington – 8 (13%)
NY Giants – 8 (11%)

# of defensive linemen drafted (DT+DE):
Tennessee – 16 (17% of all picks were defensive linemen)
New England – 14 (18%)
Indianapolis – 14 (17%)
NY Giants – 13 (18%)
Philadelphia – 12 (15%)
Pittsburgh – 12 (15%)
Baltimore – 9 (11%)
Washington – 7 (11%)

# of quarterbacks drafted:
Washington – 7 (11% of all picks were quarterbacks)
Baltimore – 7 (9%)
New England – 5 (6%)
Pittsburgh – 5 (6%)
NY Giants – 4 (5%)
Philadelphia – 3 (4%)
Indianapolis – 2 (3%)
Tennessee!– 1 (1%)

Finally, each teams’ records since 2000 (not including this season):

New England – 102-42-0 (.708) – 6 playoff appearances, 3 Super Bowl titles
Indianapolis – 101-43-0 (.701) – 8 playoff appearances, 1 Super Bowl title
Pittsburgh – 94-49-1 (.653) – 6 playoff appearances, 2 Super Bowl titles
Philadelphia – 92-51-1 (.639) – 7 playoff appearances
Baltimore – 83-61-0 (.576) – 5 playoff appearances, 1 Super Bowl title
Tennessee – 83-61-0 (.576) – 5 playoff appearances
NY Giants – 80-64-0 (.556) – 6 playoff appearances, 1 Super Bowl title
Washington – 66-78-0 (.458) – 2 playoff appearances

In the past 10 years, the Skins have drafted as many quarterbacks as defensive linemen and almost the same number as offensive linemen. The majority of their picks (57%) are in rounds 5-7 (the rounds where a player is less likely to make the club let alone be an impact player). This team really, really needs a true GM to turn this around. I was thinking of doing comparisons to other clubs, but frankly this has depressed me more than I thought it would.


Meanwhile, George Michael (aka "King George") spent 30 minutes on Mike Wise's radio show, flat out DOWNLOADING on a number of people and things at Redskin Park.

Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog has an excellent synopses of it here, but let me further whittle down Dan's work to the most eye-popping pull quotes.


"Oh, there's no ifs buts or ands," Michael said (about whether Cerrato can evaluate talent). "I mean, I know that for a fact, I know that from other people around the league. Here's the problem Mike--and God, I can't believe I'm telling all this truth--Vinny Cerrato is a ZERO when it comes to public relations and building relationships with people in the world. I'm sorry. My Good God. He doesn't ask why don't people like me, but you've got to go out and you've got to do things....I feel bad that Cerrato has not gone out and tried to build these relationships."


"You all want to dump it on Dan Snyder," Michael said. "I understand that. I understand that. I don't think Dan does. I don't think he understands why people hate him so. The truth is--and I've got to give you full disclosure, everybody knows that I am friends with Dan Snyder, not in the sense that I'm in the tank for him, but he is a friend, I admit that. But Dan doesn't even understand what he does wrong. He doesn't even understand the things he does wrong. If the fans knew how bad he wants to win, they would go my God, he wants to win as much as I do."


"Let me tell you the truth: Dan does make I think most of those big-type decisions," Michael said. "He says 'Let's get this guy, let's get that guy.' And the guy that takes the heat for it--and it's why I think he's never gotten fired--is Vinny Cerrato. Now, Cerrato's painted as a bozo, but the truth is, what did Vinny Cerrato do for the team? Look at Chris Horton. That's the kind of guy he gets."


"You have to take gambles, and that's what they did with Zorn," he continued. "Dan Snyder put his name, his stamp, his reputation on Jim Zorn. If Jim doesn't deliver what Dan Snyder thinks is a good deal, then there's no telling when it could end. But I must tell you this, after you lose to the Detroit Lions--and I do personally love this guy Jim Zorn, he's a great guy--you cannot go before the public and say we're making improvements. Dear God, if you're making improvement and losing to the 0-19 Lions, my ass is grass and you're the lawnmower. We're in trouble, baby."

REACT: Strong stuff, strong.




Week #4 Picks

New England -2 vs. Baltimore
The Ravens are a bit over-cooked right now. The Chargers basically gave them the game, and other wins against Kansas City and Cleveland should be counted as half-wins. Belichick masterfully morphed into a run-pass balanced offense last week in keeping Matt Ryan and the Falcons in check. Patriots minus a short 2 at home. Been a long time since we've had this good of a deal. PICK: Patriots 23-16.

NY Jets +7 at New Orleans
Rex Ryan's defense is the real deal. Not only are they disruptive up front, with a ton of QB sacks, hits, and knockdowns, but Darrelle Revis is the best cover corner in the league right now. Seven points, too much. PICK: Jets 21-19.

Cincinnati -5.5 at Cleveland
Question: if there was an ATM at a corner bank that was spitting out $100 bills to people who just walked up and hit a button that said "Give Me Money" would you say "that's bullshit" and NOT walk down there to press it youself? No. You would take 5 fucking minutes just to check it out. The Browns are that ATM. Get your ass down there, and stand in line! PICK: Bengals 33-17.

Oakland +9.5 at Houston
You have to be a dumpster diving masochist in order to saddle up with Shamu (aka: Jamarcus Russell) and the dysfunctional Raiders. But, this is why the league can be so profitable! Nobody has tabbed the Texans world beaters, and the Raiders actually feel relieved to be away from the boobirds. PICK: Raiders 22-21.


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  2. The one guy who can't be fired is the one guy who needs to be fired. Snyder could own the team for the next 50 years. We're screwed.

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