Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Do Not Adjust Your TV Sets....

This has been bothering me from the very first "Saturday Night With Uncle Brent" telecast, and I demand answers. Sadly, my lazy Google skills gave up after two half-hearted searches for answers. "Poor HD on ABC college football" netted nothing. If you have read a TV geek blog somewhere with more info, do pass it along.

Either that, or my prescription is seriously out of whack.

Subject: Question for Steve on ABC Sat Night HD Broadcast

Andy / Steve I love your show and have been a listener for several years. Czabe your morning show is now my #1 go to. Czabe this is directed to you since it falls into one of your “powers”, ….As mentioned I listen to your fox morning show and believe you mentioned this previously but I wasn’t able to hear your take.

Is it me or does the HD broadcast of ABC’s Saturday night College game stink?

I admit, last Saturday night I had a couple cocktails while watching the Miami / Okla game on my 52 inch but the booze couldn’t have crippled my vision that bad! Their pull back shots of the line of scrimmage before the snap are fuzzy and there studio pop-in shots where enough to make me clean my glasses and stop drinking.

CBS’s game during the day is far superior to ABC’s broadcast. Are we being ripped off? Each week it seems to get worse or is it me just looking for problems.

- Scott M

REACT: Scott, it's not you, I've been on this all year. If you look closely, you can tell the HD picture is degraded because the "graphics bar" that contains the score and time which runs along the top, has artifacts and pixelation. This is NEVER the case in a proper HD feed. Something is fishy. Time for ABC/Disney/ESPN to come clean.


George Will has an angle on why the big Obama push at the IOC HQ was such an epic FAIL:

Both Obamas gave heartfelt speeches about ... themselves. Although the working of the committee's mind is murky, it could reasonably have rejected Chicago's bid for the 2016 games on aesthetic grounds -- unless narcissism has suddenly become an Olympic sport. In the 41 sentences of her remarks, Michelle Obama used some form of the personal pronouns "I" or "me" 44 times. Her husband was, comparatively, a shrinking violet, using those pronouns only 26 times in 48 sentences. Still, 70 times in 89 sentences was sufficient to convey the message that somehow their fascinating selves were what made, or should have made, Chicago's case compelling.


Apparently, many of you Fox Sports Radio listeners greatly appreciated my Foghorn Leghorn voice when talking about the Bobby Bowden rumors and the state trustee who has fired the first salvo. Thanks to Czabe loyalist and frequent contributor Brian Finnell for pulling a classic Foghorn bit from the Interwebs....



  1. czabe,

    I might have some insight to the HD dilema. I think the problem may have more to do with the cable company's infrastructure than ABC's broadcast. Think about this: To transmit an HD picture over cable, you need to transfer more data than a standard picture. So previously when you could send 100K customers a feed off of a main trunk, maybe now you can only send 75K. Add on top of this cable modems and downloading movies and videos; torrenting etc and in urban areas the cable company's grid may be getting stretched to the max. During the Packers/Vikings game on monday, for the first 15 minutes of the show there was jittered sound and picture coming through, none of my HD channels worked, only non-HD. Like there just wasn't enough signal able to get though to make the cable box work. It could be that south FL Comcast licks sack though too, just overall.

    I'd say that if the feed is shitty in multiple areas over multiple cable providers, then it's ABC's fault, if not, your cable company got some 'splanin' to do.

  2. I thnk the afternoon ABC broadcasts are not good. I still watch on standard-def, much cheaper, but on some games the the picture looks to get pixalated. It gets fuzzy for a moment and jumps back to a clear picture. I've got Comcast in Maryland, maybe it's WJLA-DC's fault.

  3. That cable company theory doesn't add up for those of us that fork over thousands of dollars each year to DIRECTV for our HD signal and all the packages necessary to have enough receivers for the whole house with a decent sports lineup!!!

    And if that was the case, I should be able to use my trusty antenna and get the local HD feed with no interference from Directv...which I will be trying this weekend. Hey czabe...Does that make me and HD snob???